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"The only sure way to avoid a Cease and Desist is to create an original game with original characters."

Correct. Will we do it? No. To say that there is a way to give the game the same life and feel of the show without using the show's setting or characters is just downright impossible without breaking or reducing the attention of fans.

To change the game's content and feel just to avoid legal trouble is even more naive not to mention disheartening.

To have a game based on a roster with a clusterf-yay- of OCs is a remarkably duller feel than having the roster based with the ponies everyone in the fandom know and love. You don't combine the individual personalities of the characters we already know and generalize them as something replaceable.

Why would any artist in their right mind ever want to release a work that is less quality than they aimed for? Just to get the work out for the sake of release? The same old record you're playing now has been played before, and it doesn't need to be heard again.

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Her final smash is in the final clip ;)

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From this point on, please refrain from making any comments regarding C&D. There's nothing we can do to control the decisions of Hasbro, and worrying about will only do nothing but bring unnecessary worry to you, yourself, your fellow bronies, and grief to the devteam.
We thank you and appreciate your continued support to this project.

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We promise we're still working on ours.... ;_;

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Sony roasted the XBOX One today. Can you say burn?


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Well we could negotiate it so that everyone gets to download the game except you :)

Be patient. Good things come to those who wait.

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Sounds simple, but yet it is also not so simple. You're right, we could compress all of that stuff into a script, but not all moves have the same format of coding. Though it doesn't seem to bother the lead programmer considering he knows where everything is, and that he usually just copypastas everything. But thanks for your comment!