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I see CNN is out there trying to deceive again......I was shaking my head when they reported that 50% of the people loved Obama's health care plan....What do you do when you dont like the results of the professional pollsters?Conduct your own bogus poll,then report the results in the headlines of your news article........In an article on the Real Clear Politics site,apparently,it has slipped out that there was an intentional oversampling of African Americans...I wonder why CNN did this?....hmmmmm

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When Honduras tries to protect their constitution and when Israel builds on their own land,Obama grabs his megaphone and loudly condemns their actions......When the Iranian government does terrible things to the people there fighting for freedom,and when Chavez shuts down freedom of speech in Venezuela,there is total silence from the president of the United States........Since when Obama doesn't like something,he condemns it immediately,one can only assume that silence equals approval.

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I hope you are right Marla but what worries me is to see how happy a lot of Americans seem to be that Obama allowed them to steal $4,500 from their grand children by turning in their piece of junk of a car to the car for a slight bump in his polls next are going to see more and more buying of votes as the elections approach.......America is selling its freedom for comfort....the ironic thing is,once freedom is gone,comfort will be taken away.

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Glenn says he is hopeful because he has figured out what Obama'a plans actually are for transforming America so now he atleast knows what we are up against......I'm sure he will let us know his plans soon.........The problem is if America doesnt figure out Obama's plans before the 2010 elections,I fear Obama will then have the necessary time to make irreversible changes to the structure the country.

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What I would like to know is how these massive bills get written at what seems to be a snap of the finger?...We know Pelosi and her partners in crime aren't bright enough....I don't think the elected politicians are even running the show any longer...I think Pelosi is just trying to push all these bills through congress which are being written by God only knows who.

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Obama recently told us that we all must make sacrifices in order to make a better world for future generations.Now he is encouraging us to take $4,500 from our grand child so we can all drive around in new cars.....I'm sure our grand children will be greatful for the "sacrifice" we are making......Oh and Obama says don't worry about paying it back......being able to take away our grand children's freedoms will be payment enough.

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buy a ford....government couldnt shut any of those down so the odds are in your favor of dealing with a republican since with everything being equal,most small business owners are republicans.

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I must be missing something here.........I bought a car a few years ago and made monthly payments and I took care of it and now I have it paid off,its value yesterday was about $4,500.....Is the government now telling me that anyone who can get their piece of junk to the car dealership can get the same amount of money out of it as what mine is worth?This would make my car worth nothing now would it not?Someone please tell me my car is worth something before i go outside and beat the crap out of it.

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I think you are seeing desperation by the leftists who see the health bill slipping away.....Pelosi,Frank and others are now out there slamming the insurance companies and publicly promoting a single payer government health care plan......They tried to fool the people into thinking that the government plan was going to compete with the other insurance companies but now that they realize the folks have figured out their scam,Pelosi and others now appear to be going for broke by revealing what their real goal has been all along...,which is a total government run health care system...democrats rarely let their true thoughts be known so they must be getting very nervous.

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It is disgraceful that after all the threats made by Ahmadinejad to wipe Isael off the map,that the united nations is going to do nothing and force Israel to go it alone to try to prevent Iran from getting nukes....The thing that scares me is what Obama's reaction will be if Israel does take action.