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The BBC Black Broadcasting Company will not reveal this piece of hidden history.Maybe it should be revealed in some Free leaflets distibuted to all.

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We should be due an apology from Islamic nations for this. Blair did his crawling and fawning apology in 2007 about so called black "slavery" so white people are well overdue an aplogy from Gaddaffi and his Islamic thugs.

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Hopefully the BNP will HIGHLIGHT this Anti White Law in their BNP election leaflets.
People will forget about this Awful Anti white Law--So we really need a permanent Headline link somewhere on the front page of this web site so that New recruits are aware of this Anti White Law.

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Interesting that the BBC(Black Bolshevik Company) and the rest of media have made No mention of Nick Griffins appearence at the Copenhagen summit.I wonder why?

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A very Noble and sensible decision by the Swiss.
Time for the BNP to have a similar vote in UK

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The EU is Bleeding us DRY.
WE pay money into it and get a Fraction of it regurgitated back to us.

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This is a similar scenario to John Majors CONservative government negotiating in secret with the IRA back in 1990s.They surrendered to the IRA and dressed it up as a great piece of diplomacy.It is happening again this time the UK government officials are in talks with the Taliban.Organised surrender dressed as diplomacy. It would have been better NOT to have sent our troops out there in the first place instead of putting us in the position of a humilating surrender.

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Well its good for National patriot political parties in Italy.This decision will stoke up a lot of resentment and I guarantee the Pope will have something to say about this matter. The Italians are Not passive on this issue.

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The is Little difference between Trevor Phillips and Robert Mugabe-They are both advocates of Black power and Hate white men.

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Racial Diversity is Great is the BCC motto by which they now run their Dinosaur organization. The Black Broacasting Company never miss an opportunity to promote racial diversity.If it is a BBC drama you can bet the lead characters will be a Black man and white woman will form some close loving relationship to try and brainwash the gullible whites masses that this is the "ideal" we should aim for. The news here that 92 per cent of gang rapists are black will NOT get any in depth BBC news analysis.