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So Justin, what you're saying is that the FBI and homeland security should start focusing on domestic fear mongering, profiling everyone darker than Jay Leno and classifying every person with an Arab or Muslim name as suspect by definition?

Surely, even if the government chooses not to profile based on ethnicity, race or religion, the average idiot on the street doesn’t know the difference between Peruvian, Indian, Lebanese or Pakistani. But, even current profiling isn’t effective against the likes of Timothy McVeigh. So, then what?

So the persecution that will end up taking place in America – on a larger scale than the one after 9/11 – will make the United States look like a bunch of amateurs compared to Israel.
Perhaps I’m better off being a persecuted minority in my homeland than being a persecuted minority in a foreign land which is the feeling I’m getting from reading your article.

I mean, Justin, have you fallen on your head recently or something? “Assume the enemy is already on our shores”? WTF

If you want to end the occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq and bring the troops home, surely, there has got to be a more convincing argument than the one you have presented us with heretofore.

Keep trying until you come up with something more reasonable. Right now, you’re coming off as a fence sitter, not wanting to seem ‘soft’ on ‘terrorism’, but also not wanting to waste money and manpower on this useless exercise of empire building.

You want real safety? Find out why "they hate us" and then work on fixing that.

I'm truly surprised that someone like you doesn't get IT.

Here's an idea:

1. Stop supporting regimes and governments that abuse their own people and their human rights.

2. Stop acting like the world's police.

3. Stop invading countries, toppling democracies and arming thugs just because it serves your interests.

If the US followed these basic guidelines, 9/11 would never had happened (even though I personally believe that BushCo had a hand in it all, but that's another story for another day).