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Your comments and others thumbs only prove that what I spoke of. You sheople who don't think ARE the problem, I bet you talk trash like that to your mother also. Think before replying or you will continue to prove my point.

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We have one, TFY. You and the other sheople who DON"T think for themselves won't admit there is a real constitutionalist candidate. So if you really are an independent conservative as YOU claim, there should be no question as to who that is. Return to our constitution to save this great country. Or stay a sheep, your choice. I will never waiver from my oath to the constitution that I took forty years ago.

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Yes there is, but the establishment doesn't want you to vote for him. Wake up sheople. You do know what to do, but your indoctrination shows up and won't allow you to think for yourself. Follow the flutist over the cliff.

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Funny how he's giving Alaska away with no congressional approval. Payback to Palin I think.

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Wake up dude! Thats so two years ago. Go John and Courtney, along with Zippy and Robert. Ashley is still going to be taking time off to raise her new baby. NITRO RULES!!!

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Just a tip of the ice berg ahead. Too many people still have their head in a dark humid area and refuse to believe that there is concerted effort by soros underway.

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They're the man behind the curtain on everything. This is a spook op! That's why you don't hear anything. they run this dog and pony show

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Look up the communist manifesto entered into congress in 1963. then read line 38 and 39. those two lines explain a lot about ''mental diseases''. Should be required reading for everyone that loves America.

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That incompetent clone hasn't learned much in fifteen minutes. It's incompetence IS hilarious! Her handler should pull her aside and put her back to the drudge retort section. She's not ready for prime time.

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Not only a troll but, '' an incompetent troll''. Love it! Smack 'em again if he comes back.