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I'm surprised that Markwayne has never used a "card" to purchase groceries. Maybe credit and debit cards have not been introduced to Oklahomans (because they name their children Markwayne) and they all pay cash for everything.

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She'll be penning her memoirs, of course. "Wide-eyed and Bushy-Tailed: The Michelle Bachmann Story"

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I have found that it is better for my health, sense of well-being and general outlook on life not to read the crap he sends me.

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I have a batshit crazy uncle who emails batshit crazy things to me and he is retired from the military so he should be an authority on this one, but he has not sent this to me least I don't think he has. I usually delete without reading.

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I thought Obama was elected because he wasn't the Alaskan Bimbo.

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One is a partisan hack and the other is a conservative pundit.

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Every time the Republican Party reaches out they poke somebody in the eye.

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No words necessary. As someone who suffered an injury today and struggled to find a physician who would accept my major medical health insurance, I respect Ebert's struggle.He helped bring to light the inequities in the health care system. RIP

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Wait a minute...I heard this funny definition of insanity the other did that go?

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Okay, we've got the who, the what, the when, the where...but what about the why? Something tells me this is not over.