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I still say Bill O just doesn't get it YET! He invites guests on for their opinions and all he does is step on their lines and voice his opinions. He has to allow his guest to voice their opinions first..or why bother having them on at all? That's just so egocentric of him it's more than annoying now. He's gotten petty and hogs all the time that is supposed to be alloted to his guests. I don't write to him..his ego always gets in the way of constructive criticisim anyway. He seems hopeless..he's been told over and over he's a blowhard...
Poor Greta couldn't get a word in could see the frustration on her face, and hear it in her voice.

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Aruba is paying for being so corrupt, IN THEIR what really have they gotten away with? ...the place is gorgeous but the people there some are very evil. We are living in a much more dangerous world now. No one is safe anywhere anymore. It's up to all of us to protect our young and make the word NO mean something again. Our young are victims now more than ever...we as parents MUST set down stronger rules and places they are allowed to visit. Even for an overnight trip...NO ONE IS SAFE ANYMORE!

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Whatatragedy, I agree...God forbid anyone love ME ...or my child, as much as Stern SAYS he loves Anna, Danilynn and Danny...with that kind of so-called LOVE..I'd rather he hate me then. At least then you know what you are really dealing me. Stern is just another the ilk of BHO.
Real love for another human being isn't, destructive, selfish ,or greedy....Love is not supposed to hurt ,or kill!

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Some Lawyers are just scum...they go into the profession as Anna did to make money..lots of money ..unscrupulous .lawyers by suckering innocent people. IT'S THEIR STOCK AND TRADE! Anna paid for her spades, she lost her most precious son. HER WHOLE REASON FOR LIVING. I liked her for her strength and dedication to her son. She went through hell to make sure he had a good life. THE REST INVOLVED, ARE VULTURES...plain and simple.
Larry, who knows why he got into the mess ...but he too has done the honorable thing by his daugther, and Anna. I truly believe in another world Anna, Larry, Danilynn, and Danny would have been a happy family were it not for drugs that Dr's push and lawyer's cash in on when they do.

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I still believe that it's KARMA for all of them. This whole mess is just the tip of the iceberg...just the tip. Too many models are being found dead ...exploited by the people they trusted. They all start out as innocent...they are exposed to the dregs of humanity in hollywood, and used in everyway possible. Everyone had a hand in this mess. But the people that didn't try to wean her off of drugs are the most criminal..they all knew what they were doing to her. Once they all latched on, none of them was willing to let go of the CASH COW ANNA NICOLE........... NONE OF THEM~ KARMA will not be put off. We all pay for our mistakes ...sooner or later. IT'S A GIVEN!

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ANC was just anyother star struck teenager when she first got hooked on drugs and party drugs too. She got in over her head. Got pregnant and then acted mature for her age and stuck by her son, he was her world. Other stars abort or abuse their children. She had to make a living, she had no skills and made serious mistakes thinking that sex would buy her a ticket to fame and a good life for her and her son. That story repeats itself many many time over in the entertainment business. Women are used, they are exploited out of greed. Stern saw an innocent girl, green as grass and EXPLOITED HER. He's not innocent by any means. He's just as guilty as the Dr's are, and, Hollywood moguls who prey on innocent beautiful young line their own pockets. IT'S GREED across the board...two people lost their lives because of this wholesale greed. ANC was EXPLOITED..she did her best to survive under horrible circumstances..I'm surprised she lived as long as she did. She needed Stern to protect her...NOT USE HER! She was way too trusting..but then she was trapped by her own youth and ignorance.

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In all honesty, if the Dr's were ever to be really honest with you about drugs they prescribe even for a hangnail they care less it's $$ to them...ALL drugs have side effects..everyone of them none are safe ...some very very deadly too. We all know what they can do to the human body that is not used to chemicals, or even how to assimilate the drug, especially in mass doses., and in combination.. Just how many people have died from drug overdoses, inncently taking them sometimes without being told how harmful they all can be in treating the wrong person ultra sensitive to chemicals. Now our youth are taking what their parent's are treated's a never ending cycle. They all know how to fly under the radar when they prescibe deadly drugs. Dr's BURY their mistakes. And are trying to become immune to prosecution when the deadly cocktails are fatal. DOCTOR'S "ARE" DRUG PUSHERS! PERIOD!
They prey on the weak and celebraties who are looking for several Dr's to feed their addiction. THEY ALL NEED TO BE EXPOSED~

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I'm not surprised at ALL about the Dr's either...all Dr's are DRUG PUSHERS! I was raised in an era where drugs were non-existant....Dr's are crooks too. All of them in Cahoots with Drug companies...every single one of them is an "enabler" too ..they push the drugs on you, get you addicted and that eventually kills you with all the drug interactions, side effect, allergic reactions, and the anxiety it causes when the drugs you have to buy mount up into the hundreds of $$.. alone! That's how Dr's control you too. You can't tell me Dr's do NOT get kick-backs from drug companies...the drug companies give the Dr's free samples to offer to you to get you hooked on it. THAT IS A CRIME! AND.... THE 21st CENTURIES BIGGEST SCANDAL.

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I knew Karma would catch up with Stern...poor Howie is going to pay for play he had no business even being in Nicole's life..he was a big time enabler..that's how he controlled her...with drugs it's BHO's turn. Sooner or later Karma will GETCHA TOO!

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"BRAVEHEART" w/Mel Gibson..and "THE PATRIOT!"