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Between the cybernetic wing and the mask on the helmet, I can't help but feel the first alternate universe Rainbow Dash was inspired by the Winter Soldier from Captain America.

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I'd prefer a free Lyra

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Yes, this is a fertile town, and we will thrive. We will rule over our town, and we will call it... Our Town.

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I go with the size of actual ponies, specifically some of the smaller breeds, like Shetlands. That puts them roughly the right scale with objects in the show with a known size, as well as scaling properly with characters from Equestria Girls

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Everyone who knows me knows that my vote is for Lyra. Probably trying to get access to the mirror from Equestria Girls.

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If that were the case, they'd have banned a ton of account that have porn on FurAffinity or Tumblr but not DA - it's pretty common for artists that draw explicit content to have a DA account that hosts only their SFW stuff. Having NSFW content on sites other than DeviantArt doesn't violate any of their Terms of Use.

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The stuff he has under his Ponythroat account isn't NWSF under DA's policies for it, and there's no Caboni32 on DeviantArt, only on Tumblr, so he wouldn't have gotten banned from DA for that.

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I imaging there's some sort of velvet or similar covering over bone.

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While I largely agree that unless some change is done to prevent groups like this from having such an influence, reform is likely to hurt fair use, the Public Domain is probably safe - there's not really a way to abolish it. After all, who gets ownership of Beowulf? Where's Shakespeare's estate? Who gets paid someone covers Westron Wynde?

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This will probably stop around the point major musician's official videos start getting flagged and told that Parker Brothers should get the money from Weird Al's Twister or something like that. Someone with the ability to fight back with some legal weight.