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Yea right, as if Christians would advance arguments that weren't supported by sound evidence.

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Yup, it's hard to argue for the enslavement and domination of an entire race of people under the guise of them being inferior and sub-human when you recognize the principles of diversity through common descent.

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Honestly, when I saw the image for this post on the front page before reading article, I was already intending to pipe up in the comments about how "Democrats aren't that much better than Republicans when it comes to the religion schtick", so it was nice to see that I had jumped to completely the wrong conclusion. It was also an abject lesson in forming opinions prematurely.

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Are questions concerning Mitt Romney's religiosity and its potential to be conflict of interest as the head of a secular government valid and relevant to the current political debate?
However, I dislike the trend in the mainstream media to ask these sorts of questions about candidates such as Romney (after which they generally waffle and equivocate with their own answers to it), while giving other candidates (like Rick Perry) a free pass from similar scrutiny. It strikes me as severely insincere and duplicitous, essentially trying to play off of American's distrust and hatefulness towards smaller religions by trolling these candidates in the guise of "respectable" journalism.
After all, if the real concern was actually about religion informing public policy, shouldn't more concerns have been raised about the candidate that has used his office to call for a day of public prayers in a football stadium? In this case we saw a lot more focus and critical thought on the private delusions held by a Mormon than on the very public actions of a batshit crazy fundamentalist.

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That certainly may be true for some theists, particularly for moderates, but one needs to also remember that a significant portion who listen to people like Pat Robertson or the myriad of similar religious leaders in smaller churches and institutions around the world are constantly told that atheists are "agents of Satan" or some similar nonsense.

While still emotional and irrational, this perception is far from "I don't get it". They really believe they do "get it", that atheists have an agenda that promotes evil and is out to destroy them, their families and children, and their god.

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It might not be read by the people who are guilty of causing the problem, but, as vjack points out in his third argument, there are a number of people who, while they may not be initiating the behavior, are passively ignoring it. And these are the sort of people that an article such as this is more likely to reach and influence.

Because you're absolutely right, assholes and bigots are not going to be shamed or reasoned into reevaluating their thoughts and behavior. However, if enough people make it clear that these actions are not going to tolerated and are vocal in their opposition when they encounter them, then at least some of the transgressors will eventually stop expressing them publicly. Which, without major changes to the wider culture outside of the atheist community, is probably the best outcome we can hope for.

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Of course they don't the hypocrisy. In their minds the U.S. is a Christian nation, founded by Christians, for Christians.

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Yup, the Judeo part of "Judeo-Christian" is just a bullshit code word for Christians in the U.S. to feign tolerance and inclusiveness. All it really means is that they see the Jews as being "halfway there" and that they like all smiting/misogyny/racism/homophobia/etc in the old testament.

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Although I don't foresee them gaining much traction in the political landscape, I have to say, their logo sure is snazzy.

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I don't think the majority of atheists idolize Hitchens simply because he was also an atheist, but rather for his gifts for both oratory and the written word. Hitchens was also one of the earlier and most publicly vocal of contemporary atheists to put forward the charge that not only are religions false, but that they have extremely negative impacts on society. Regardless of one person or another's personal opinion of him, he was a lot more than just another atheist.