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About #2, that means nothing. In Star Wars, Obi-Wan Kenobi gave Luke the orders to go to the Dagobah System after he had already died in the previous movie.

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Equestria Girls 2!

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What if some prophecy led Celestia to believe that Twilight Sparkle would aid in the reform of the Nightmare after 1000 years? Think about it. Her previous student was also very powerful (although unfortunately it will never be addressed in the show), and had a very similar name. "Sunset/Twilight" "Sparkle/Shimmer"? It makes sense.

The prophecy could have read "Where the change in times meet, there shall be a pony who glows appear to conquer the Envy of the youngest." or something cryptic like that.

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During the Apple Song. If you play it backward, it talks about how Luna is jealous of Twilight's love and attention.

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A lot of Celestia in this one. I like.

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So what you're saying is only a select few should voice their opinion on this? Maybe a pre-check to make sure there is an even balance of yays and neighs? In that case, let's start a vote to decide our speakers.

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Isn't that what Rarity is? A lower class pony trying to be upper class?

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Oh hey look! Celestia is power-hungry again! Shocker. Guess I shouldn't be too surprised, as this IS Bioshock style.

On a side note, these voices are amazing and I feel the need to go play Bioshock again.

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That one is this link: http://foxy-noxy.deviantart.com/art/Two-Best-Sist...

Chances are he had already seen it.