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Back off the Boy Scouts, MaryP!! When you put them with college campuses, and Rev Wright, you are

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The New York Times is wrong 99.9% of the time. On a subject like Santorum, they have less than .1% chance
of being right about any aspect. They are garbage, biased media. Any subscribers--shame on you!!

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What are your standards for proof. Can you prove Love? How about Hope?
You're hung up on the "anything that can't meet the criteria of Science, doesn't exist".
If Love exists, it doesn't have to be provable. Provability is important, but some of the
most important aspects of life are simply not provable. You diminish life by insisting
on such.

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You prove: Love, Hope, Kindness.

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If you're uncertain, why should I think you know anything about provable or unprovable. On what basis would
you be making such assertions. My assertion that it is provable is every bit as valid as your assertion that it's unprovable. You've cancelled out your own assertion.

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Uncertainty is a self-refuting principle--you can't be certain about uncertainty. If you're uncertain at the core, then even
an opposite position may be true--at least as true as what you believe. Certainty about God brings with it an eternity of
blessings, encouragement, and strength. Uncertainty brings--nothing. Only a person's intellect and pride could deceive him that Uncertainty is the better belief.

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Guys like this were the 2nd and 3rd level functionaries in Nazi Germany and the Soviet Union.
They are insecure little bureacratic shleps who gain their entire identity from dedication to "the" belief.

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Bill Maher is an impotent d*ckhead for whom the word "erection" represents an impossible dream.

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What an idiot!! Shows the effect of having retards for constituents--can say about anything and get away with

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This guy probably has a wife and kids and is worried about his future. Too bad he has to be a lying piece of sh*t for
Obama. Good lesson on how a perverse regime corrupts.