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Keep up the pressure, Nick.
It's clear they don't like it up 'em.

Smirking, thieving bastards!

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This scenario is precisely what Nick Griffin predicted would materialise as the economy and the liblabcontrick goes into meltdown following the sub-prime crisis and resultant determination to remain in power, whatever the damage to our country.
The problem for the liblabcontrick and the opportunity for the BNP occur at the nexus of everyday experience and unbelievable spin by the liblabcontrick/media, which is what is happening right now.
Reality rears its terrible head as nature and necessity overwhelm the old order, whose new order fantasies are torn away by forces beyond their control.
The liblabcontrick is is unnable to face reality, whereas the BNP is not.
Now is the time for brave men and women to step boldly forth, lances levelled at the convulsing beast.

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Great stuff, Mick.
Its about time Cohen was nicked.

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They will one day pour out of the cities to 'enrich' all you smug, deluded, ivory tower, multiculti liberals, and everyone else who thinks they can ignore or are immune to what the liblabcon is doing.

It's make your mind up time folks ..... and time is running out.

Forget about 'waysism'.
Its a device to keep you down, ready for the chop.

Support the BNP if you want to survive.

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Palace Security should be on the alert for the liblabcons claw-hammer gangs.

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The Ghurka Justice Campaign -

Contact -

How about justice for Britons, Miss Lumley?