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Plot and dialogue are for queers and liberals! Go back to Russia!

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Roll up! Roll up! Nickel a head! I got me here a jar full o' conservatives. Ugly little buggers, not for the faint-hearted! But, oh how they dance! Watch this, all I gotta do is prise open the jar like this - slow and careful like, because you don't want these little bleeders to escape, no sir! a conservative infestation is darn near the worse kind o' infestation the Good Lord has seen fit to visit on this poor little Earth. Anyhoo, open careful like and just whisper into the crack... loud as you like, sotto voce as you like, it gets 'em riled up whichever way from Sunday it comes outta ya' mouth...

"Game Change"

...Ha! Look at these dumb conservative insects dance. Two little words gets 'em so mad. Look at 'em tryin' to dash their brains out on the inside o' the jar. Won't work on account of conservative biology, the only brains they got are in their (cover your eyes ladies) anuses, where they're protected by ample layers of fat. It just gets 'em mad, every time. Game Change! Game Change! It's a gosh-darned frenzy in there.

Still, too much of this is cruel. Better put the swarm out of its misery. Anyone o' you good folks got a lighted match...?

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It's being called 'Avengers Assemble' in England. Why? Because COMMIEWOOD HATES AMERICA, Y'ALL!!!

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That's a terrible comparison. Triumph of the Will is an astonishing cinematic achievement. AOV is a dingy hackjob about mumbling thugs.

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"Why the misleading headline?"

Er, hello, you do realise this is a sleazy far right website with a grasp of facts considerably looser than the grip it wants to maintain round your throat?

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Brave New World is based on what America was like in the 1920s.

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Have you considered renaming this site We Don't Like Game Change Dot Com? Are you going for some sort of World Record?

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"Hey, jerks, it’s real."

No, it's made up, just with worse acting than usual.

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How many Game Change articles can you run? Are HBO giving you backhanders to puff it? Seriously no hit pieces on Arrietty? When are you going to expose Hayao Miyazaki for the socialism he conceals so carefully by only mentioning it in 99% of the interviews he gives?

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That Iranian Revolutionary Movement that the US didn't support wouldn't be the same Iranian Revolutionary Movement that explicitly requested no US support, would it?