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In fact, there were multiple states who found their their election systems had been scanned without permission by Obomber and his Department of Homeland Security. Georgia was just the first to discover the hack:

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Yes, if it is proven to my satisfaction that the Democraps didn't tamper with the state's voting apparatus--as the Obomber regime attempted to do in 2016:

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All you have to admit is the fact that you're so butthurt and bitter, that you have to defile the US Constitution and lower the bar of impeachment to get your way. But, sorry, that ain't gonna happen come November.

And, remember kids--keep your fascist blackshirt Antifa thugs at home where y'all live and not out rioting in the streets like they did in 2016.

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Actually, the Democraps and the RINOs don't have much daylight between them, as the Bush family voted for Hillary Clinton and has intimate ties with them. The RINOs would rather have "President Pence" than Trump, because they know they can't beat Trump in November.

The Democraps used the Electoral College to get back into the Union in an entirely corrupt deal between them and Rutherford B. Hayes, who had far fewer Electoral College votes than their own Democrat candidate Samuel Tilden. They supported Hayes, who subsequently withdrew all Federal troops from the three Southern states where they remained--thus bring the first Civil Rights movement to a dead stop then reversing course.

And NOW they bitch, whine, and moan because the Electoral College didn't give them the win this time. They only love the Constitution when they have power and that makes them worse than Republicans!

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Can you say "If Democrats stop telling lies about Republicans, we will stop telling the truth about them?"

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I'd be all for California, Massachusetts, & New York leaving the Union and establishing their own country, heck ya! But make sure all Democrats are rooted out from the Union before you leave. The Democrats should never have been let back into the Union, and they returned to it by using fraud anyway.

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Yet the only rioters we have seen is Antifa, usually at such liberal bastions of Democrat rule as the University of Cali at Berkeley

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Is Bernie going to throw Paul Street under the bus, too, like he did Teachout? Oh, is this edited, because I could've sworn I read Quid Pro Quo Joe's name in the unexpurgated version of this article--oh, wait, what's this???

"...while the top two Wall Street darlings, right-wing Democrats Biden and Pete Buttigieg, are free to run around Iowa and New Hampshire in the final weeks leading up to the nation’s first presidential caucus (Iowa) and primary (New Hampshire)."

I guess Street knows what a treacherous lout Bernie is, and he doesn't want to risk a Teachout moment!

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Bernie is a warmonger who never called out Obomber's drone strikes and 'conflicts' (wars) committed by the Obomber regime. As godawful and disgusting as Killery is--she's at least accurate about Bernie Sanders, in that no one likes him. He stabbed his biggest supporter in the back as she was going to bat for him (Zephyr Teachout). What kind of character does that say Bernie Sanders has? If anything, he's as bad as Killery, herself (he endorsed her after she cheated him out of the nomination, after all).

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Despite Trump's claims, I don't believe he ordered the assassination of Soleimani. I believe it's even worse than that. Pompeo, Esper, and Pelosi (and whoever sits behind Pelosi in the Deep State) concocted this attack for their own personal benefit. For Pelosi, it was to convince Republicans that the scenario Democrats had predicted for Trump (that he would start WWIII) was about to happen, and they should vote to get rid of him. For the neocons, actually starting the war with Iran on behalf of Israel.

According to the Washington Examiner, on the night of the assassination Pelosi texted/spoke for 13 minutes with Defense Secretary Esper. Yet, she claimed he did not inform her of the killing, after the assassination had occurred! I want to see and hear exactly what Pelosi and Esper talked about during those 13 minutes, because I got serious questions. What was Esper doing contacting Pelosi--the woman who is trying to get rid of his boss? Surely, they weren't talking about Pelosi's grandkids.