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Needless to say, comments on sites like the Atlantic, CNN, ABC, etc. are overflowing with hate. The true face of the left is exposed for all to see. Not surprising, but still disheartening. The sentiment of these people is summed up as conservatives who speak thier mind deserve to die. You can't just disagree with them anymore, if you disagree, then death to you. Truly a sad day.

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Stunned. Speechless. Rest in Peace, Andrew.

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The final price of the product may well be dictated by the consumer, but the taxes on that product will be imposed by the government.

If the government legalizes the product, and the taxes on it are too high, I agree with you that people will grow their own, but wont that defeat one of the stated reasons for legalization, namely to collect taxes on the product?

In a pot legal America I don't see the government allowing the guy who grows pot in his own in his back yard for his personal use to get away with not paying taxes on that product. It is not the same as growing your own vegetables. If it is going to be legal to buy pot and the buyer pays taxes at a retail level, then I can easily see taxes being levied on legal purchases of pot seeds that growers will need to plant. My question remains: Will pot smokers/growers be keen on paying high taxes on pot to the government?

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Lets say pot was legalized. How many pot smokers would be willing to pay the high taxes on the product that would surely be imposed?

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The mere fact that Ryan Reynolds was in it was enough to keep me from the theater. This is just icing on the cake.

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Yet, according to the MSM, the Tea Party is "violent and full of hate." I don't recall any urine throwing at the rallies that I have attended.

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This is must see TV.

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This one has FLOP written all over it.

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Quite right. The premise sounds a lot like EFNY.

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To answer your question, Sean is about 115 in drug years.