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Yes, I hate imaginary things... Freakin' unicorn, leprechauns and the Loch Ness Monster!

What I dislike is some of the behaviors and actions that stem from other people's belief in an imaginary being.

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Research has shown that the average American atheist is Caucasian, male, 24-39, some college, and liberal political philosophy. Obviously atheists come in many different varieties but the average is what I noted above. I think it would be interesting to look into why minorities are not well-represented in the atheist demographic.

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I would tell them to sit the fuck down... put the real fear of God into them.

Of course, I am not going to see the movie. I wasted time reading the Da Vinci Code and 1/4 of Angels...I even watched the Da Vinci via NetFlix...what a bunch of crap. Horrible writing and the movie followed suite. Maybe 10 years down the road, I will spend a lazy Saturday afternoon napping through Angels on the local tv station's afternoon movie.

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I looked at the "Living Waters" page, the fine folks that have brought us "Pull the Plug on Atheism"...it is all about the money. They take credit, checks, money order, and stock/bonds. Everything leads to a donation or buying a video, etc. There is absolutely no way of joining any online discussion without "donation". I read that Comfort offered 20K to debate Dawkins...of course he did, it is a lot of advertising for a little amount of money. I would have no issue with a campaign about pulling the plug on scam artists like this... Pull the Plug on Kirk and Ray...money grubbing assholes taking advantage of a bunch of ignorant people...

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1. Lack of morals...there is nothing to be done to change it.

2. There is life in the universe...intelligent life is possible, but it would not matter because we would never know of it because the universe is too vast.

3. Pick an argument...they are all weak.

4. Secular socialist government...I could care less if people want to dance around trees to imaginary beings.

5. He would need to justify himself to me.