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The constant belittling and point scoring that Labour has taken on as a defacto-stance does not help. It doesn't surprise me that coronavirus cases are worst in areas that support Labour and actively belittle this govt. For instance it is crazy that London still has anti-lockdown marches, but we have a mayor who is seeking re-election and he doesn't have the guts to stop his supporters from demonstrating.

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I've heard numerous doctors and nurses echo these sentiments

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The one immediate change I would like to see is VAT reduced permanently to 5% for the hospitality sector and that this should be extended to the retail sector (but only to shop sales not internet sales. Internet sales which require click and collect from a high street shop could be exempted). The pandemic has devastated the high street, and other than enabling govt. loans there seems to be very little that the govt can do to help in this area. Even the govt loans are a problem as they are encouraging businesses to move online (which is OK) but it means the high street and all its social benefits get left behind.

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The govt has employed 5000 people to work on the new customs processes, the haulage companies are saying it needs to be 50,000. Those who remember exporting worldwide pre-EU membership, will know that even without the computer technology of today, the government didn't require a 50k+ army of civil servants just to manage the rules of imports and exports.

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The problem with devolution is that you can't say you support devolution for the scots, welsh and irish and then say that it is wrong for laws that only effect England cannot be decided solely by the MPs of England.

Also I am pretty sure that a number of scientists and doctors have said that the handling of the impact of coronavirus on the UK as a whole has been made more difficult as we don't have one set of rules for the whole country. It wouldn't surprise me if most people in England don't really understand the rules as no sooner do the BBC report on them, then they start going on about the rules in Scotland by which time you've forgotten what was said about England!!

As for doing well in Scotland, the Scottish Conservatives must be allowed a proper say not only within the Conservative Party but also within the government, otherwise they will always fail to be seen as anything but an English party dressed up in tartan. Scots don't want independence from the UK, but they do want a better education system, better social services and better business opportunities. The SNP struggles to deliver these as ultimately it is a re-hacked Labour party.

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People need to work and talking to teachers most agree that 1) children are suffering from being couped up at home and 2) learning in the classroom is significantly better than doing the classes online. Maybe instead of demanding that all children stay at home, thought should be given to allowing children in years 5, 6, 9, 10 and 11 to go to school.

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The fact this this is nolonger being stressed seems to me to be an indicator that the EU have accepted an independent adjudicator, as is used in most trade agreements, is acceptable to them, but I could be completely wrong. I don't see this being stressed as a serious problem.

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It seems to me that Brexit isn't about looking backwards and trying to live past histories, but about wanting to be in control of one's destiny wherever that takes us. John Redwood should stop trying to write histories based on very narrow points of view. There are a million and one reasons why businesses fail and businesses succeed. Blaming the EU for past horrors is irrelevant. It's about making sure that as we move forward we don't suffer because they don't care.

The media in the UK is forever talking about the UK 'lack of preparedness' for Brexit. Look at the EU. After years of thought on what they will do, they decided the best thing is to offer the UK extensions to accords. Remember when this process started they said that this would never happen. I don't think the EU is prepared for a no-deal Brexit, and the more one looks at what they are trying to do, the more you realise that the EU knows it has to give in and remove its 3 demands. The problem is that they can't do it until the talking stops and they have to make a decision based on there is no other way forward. And they know the talking can't stop until they know there's no wriggle room.

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He, like the other Labour front bench members who have been dragged out, has no problem with the EU demands. It's interesting that he refuses to accept that the UK may decide to have higher standards than the EU, even if Labour were to win an election.

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Remember, we're talking about a person who saw nothing wrong with the EU summit spending just a miniscule 10 mins on Brexit.