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Ron Paul should send an emissary to Afghanistan with a request to meet withTaliban leaders, and with the promise that should he become President in 2012 he will withdraw American troops immediately. The emissary should request that until such time, all hostilities against Americans should cease. Obama's withdrawn Nobel prize should then be handed to Ron Paul.

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The U.S.A's enemies in the Middle East are hoping like hell that its citizens will not select Ron Paul for President. They just love the idea of American soldiers being sent overseas to be used for live target and IED practice by dirty little men in sandals, and no need for any airforce, any army, any navy. It's Ron Paul or down the pan, America - you choose.

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I hear what you are saying, there seems to be a disconnect between what Wead puts down in writing about politics in general and the positive stuff he says about Ron Paul in interview (watch On camera he comes across as a very sincere and likeable guy, and the fact of Ron Paul having respected, likeable figures on his side should not be underestimated. People should give Wead the benefit of the doubt.

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Simon, any thoughts on how the BNP can generate decent mass media coverage over the coming electoral term? It seems to me that apart from attracting a wider range of able BNP candidates into the public eye, we need to create/instigate media coverage in a way that forces our opponents to actually answer the arguments that are put their way, rather than replying as they usually do with "That nasty BNP party is a disgrace."

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That's just it though Pete - it is obvious to you and me that Brown is a dissembling 'bar steward', but there are tens of thousands of sheeple out there who haven't got the savvy to see it: the elderly people who still think that Labour is the party of the British working class, the ordinary masses who haven't bothered to visit this website yet. Its these people Brown is deceiving when he says he wants a government that is 'fair for all', whilst putting on that false smile that makes every decent Briton want to smash his face in.

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The bloke hasn't got two brain cells to rub together; neither have the editors and 'journalists' at the Mirror.

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Yes, Muslims say that the occupation of their lands is their biggest concern, so if they were true to their principles they would do exactly what you say. But they won't, because of all the lovely money they make (or are given in hand-outs) in our economy, which they would never be able to get hold of in 'sand land'.

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We must work hard to ask traditional Labour voters "How does it feel to be viewed as a bigot simply for having concerns about immigration?" and then tell them "Now you know how it feels to be a BNP supporter, but the vilification from the media and the establishment is there day after day, month after month, year after year, simply for standing up for the interests of the British people."

If you took a time machine and went back to the Second World War, bringing back a typical Briton and plonking him or her down in modern day Britain, they would be horrified to see what has happened to their country. Sit them down to have a chat with a modern day BNP supporter and you would find their core values virtually identical - the core values that gave Britain the determination to win the war. The mainstream media harps back to WWII and the spirit of the British, stating how brave our servicemen were etc., and then in a repeated schizophrenic episode then goes on to describe BNP supporters with contempt. But you cannot hold the brave Brits of the 1940s in high esteem and then condemn modern BNP members and supporters, any more than you can witness Gordon Brown's contempt for ordinary patriotic Brits and then laud him as being the best choice for PM.

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Well done mate, reading through this will give you a pair of X-ray specs through which you will be able to see all the lies of the establishment and its evil whore, the mainstream media. You will wonder why so many people can view a Gordon Brown speech and not see what you see: one of the most evil enemies of the British people there has ever been.

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The BBC will only do the minimum possible in attempting to make its news stories appear balanced. The true extent of its racial cleansing of the news is incredible, but perhaps one day we will see journalists breaking away from the evil NUJ and forming their own organization which actually gives them the freedom to tell the truth about what is happening in Britain.