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She knew what she was doing and that Boris had no alternative but to remove the whip.
She has ignored the views of the party in the leadership election and made negotiating a deal almost impossible.
She is, in effect, supporting one of the most extreme left leaders that labour have had and putting her own views before anything else. A political party can’t operate on that basis so she should have no complaints.

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The election manifesto of 2017 was clear about leaving the EU. It was also the most left wing Tory manifesto since 1964.
Many members felt the party was abandoning them with this move to the left which provoked teasing from Miliband about us copying his policies. A move to the right is necessary to revive our fortunes but this has nothing to do with Brexit.

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I’m not sure you understand what canvassing involves.

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I agree. The May government was not economically liberal in any way. I believe that is now changing. Liz Truss has nothing to fear.

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Soames is also stepping down next election

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Any problems that Damian Collins might have would not stem from the fact that there are many members he doesn’t recognise but from the fact that many active members don’t recognise him!

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Anyone who boldly claims that she is a moderate while condemning those who support the 2017 manifesto as being hardline activists is probably not capable of a reasoned approach to the subject.
Boris is a moderate, but I wouldn't apply that term to Stewart who is very muddled on where he stands on many issues but has an incredible ego.
Quite simply, the greater disaster to the Party, economy and Country will be not leaving, which is most likely to happen under Hunt.

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Hunt will destroy the Party. If Hunt is elected we will immediately lose many members and voters. No one really believes he will deliver Brexit.
He has not departed from the May script, but just says that he is the man to deliver it!
The Party has to be led by someone who voted Leave or we are finished.

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It already has gone through parliament!

They can only stop it by revoking Article 50 or a vote of no confidence. Neither are quite as likely as you think. I think if the EU co-operate on tariffs (we will probably give them the money!), it will happen.

Extension is unlikely as neither party want it.

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To deliver brexit? No. Sadly we would lose a lot of voters if he became PM.