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Hi, I was struggling on that too; you have to close the lid when you put the cloth in the destillary-tube, then you can take the vials

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LOL you weren't the only one Ingrid. Set an exception for this site just now. ;-)

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What a fun game! I'm not a big fan of adventure games, but this one combines adventure/platform with very well designed graphics and artwork. Reminded me a bit of Neverhood or the Oddworld series (both of them ancient history by now).
Bit heavy on the dialogue/comedy, but 10/10 for me for design and artwork.

Thanks ASG (repeat 3x).

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thank you Animated Gif on Giphy
Five yearsof bringing joy to a lot of people, who bring joy to each other.
Not just spreading the games, but spreading the love, debate and cat pictures.

Thank you for all the games and all the lovely people here

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HI Jenny, I'm not having any troubles with menus falling off (as in timers). As with the double vision mode did you disable shift-vision or whatever they call it. Some cheesy 3D effect they decided to put in, made me seasick.
Im up to level 12 or 13 or something, educated guess: bit of a letdown. I know it takes more than one run to shift a huge pile of wood, but this a game... the challenge is to make the most effective decisions in as short amount of time possible. Don't make me have to re-run and guess how many times more etc, then the dragons... don't get me started on that.
This is not a review, im not very far into the game.

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Works great, thanks Buf!
Still weird you have to change yr resolution to the lowest setting in a game that says to enable HD graphics though. But for now, we're back in business!

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Thank you ASG!
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[youtube KZF_0947JLk youtube]

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This is my cat for close to three days. I love red cats. Sunny weather in the low countries.
 photo foto_zpsa7b265e6.jpg

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I've got that 'Recorded Live' album. Nice to hear some of the older stuff. Listening to this one now.

I like the older stuff better usually (before the thing became too big to handle). Fleetwood Mac with Peter Green, Pink Floyd before DSOTM, the initial burst of energy. Best debut album in rock has to be Led Zeppelin 1. Zappa was great up until '75.

Thank you for sharing this one, always nice to hear good music. Didn't you mention Alison Krauss in a post earlier, I watched her with Robert Plant on a dvd. Match made from heaven.
Saw Robert Plant in '94 with Jimmy Page, match made from heaven. Beginning to think it has something to do with Robert Plant... I've sung about lemons once and I almost got arrested.