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What a great post! You inspired me to find the LBH again. i did it for quite a while, then it fell of my blogging radar.

Sometimes my reading style is to open my ears and hear the words, but otherwise, our answers are very similar. I always have some book I can read in bed before I fall asleep, but it can't be too heavy and, even then, I find I often have to back up a few pages because I was reading while asleep the night before.

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I have this on my TBR shelf. Thanks for your review -- now I know what to expect!

I found your blog on Tiny Library's Literary Blog Directory and am so pleased that I did.

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I'm officially signed up and looking forward to my first book. Thanks for hosting!

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I'm a big Brideshead fan, but I definitely enjoyed it more when I read it in college than when I re-read it recently. Still, I really loved it. I am easily fascinated by books about Catholics, for some reason.

Congratulations on being preggers! I hope you are feeling better and that the baby doesn't eat your brain for all nine months!

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That's a great teaser -- it captures the scene so well!
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This looks great! No, I haven't heard of him (which doesn't mean he isn't the most famous essayist out there). I've only recently become intrigued by Wendell Berry, so that alone attracts me to this book.

Every once in a while, I like to dive into an essay collection like this. Even if I don't agree with everything, it is refreshing to find someone passionate about their opinions who makes me think about things differently.

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Because I recently found a box of old essays, I know that I read this in high school, but even the fact of reading it had slipped my mind because I hadn't remembered any of of it when I read it last year.

I listened to the audiobook and it did not have the second part in it. Good thing, because the main one was more than enough for me. I can understand why this is a classic, but it has not aged well. I think the allegory must have been helpful -- and even entertaining -- when the book was used as a way to teach theology to a lot of people. But it feels pretty clunky now.

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I haven't heard about this book, but it looks very interesting. It might not be a comfortable read, though.

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I just today started We Have Always Lived in the Castle. I like it (much better than I liked The Lottery), so I will look for her non-Lottery short stories.

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I agree! I had that one on my list too.