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Where do I sign?
I would like to join this campaign as I also feel very strongly about how women's rights are being eroded.

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I would contest two points in this article:
1. I don't believe it is the case that private tenants have shifted to Labour as much as is suggested; but rather that the PRS has since 2010 expanded the number of 'social' tenants it houses - people who traditionally would have been in the social sector, often receiving benefits - but for whom there is now no social housing available. In other words, the PRS is likely to have absorbed Labour voters.
2. Regarding 'a voluntary CGT rebate split between landlords and tenants where the tenant buys from the landlord,' I conducted a straw poll of private landlords when this was first mooted and they believed about 2% of their current tenants would be in a position to obtain a mortgage and meet mortgage criteria. They also didn't feel that the incentive would be attractive to them. The CPS needs to conduct its own research on this to see if they come up with similar or different conclusions. Apart from my straw poll, which I reported on, in an article on this site, I have seen no other research on this.

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This is a welcome article with positive suggestions. What the author suggests regarding the partial reversal of Osborne's tax levy on finance interest in fact happened in Ireland. They, too, initially scrapped landlords' right to offset finance costs when calculating profit; and their rents and homelessness levels surged. Realising their mistake, they then re-allowed the offsetting of costs if the landlords agreed to house those on benefits. Following this partial reversal, they then restored it for all cases.
In fact, Osborne's policy was widely opposed and was described by ICAEW as absurd, unjust and unsustainable and by the Telegraph as an 'Alice in Wonderland' tax which one might expect a third world dictator to introduce. Until it is reversed in the UK, rents and homelessness will continue to rise. It's basic economics.

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Excellent article. Thank you.

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The only point of saying 'The termination of private rental contracts is now the number one trigger for homelessness in England.' - is to imply that private landlords are doing something wrong when they end a tenancy - as though it is these housing providers which cause homelessness. In fact, obviously, they alleviate homelessness by providing so much housing - having made a net contribution of more than 2 million new dwellings for this purpose. When they issue a notice, they invariably then house another tenant or group of tenants, so the net provision largely remains the same (unless they sell).

The widespread claim that these are 'no fault' evictions is also false. Why on earth would any sane landlord evict someone for no reason? In fact, this is rather a 'no reason has to be given' system. In the vast majority of cases when a Section 21 is used, it is because of arrears and/or damage and anti-social behaviour. That is not 'no fault.' I have laid out the facts about this in an article on this site:

If you look at it, you will see that Section 21 should be strengthened and not scrapped. Unfortunately, the Conservative Government in its chase for a tenant vote that it largely won't get anyway, is greatly risking losing the landlord vote and may lose some marginal constituencies because of its assault on private landlords. The Times covered this this week. This is because of its attack on the private property rights of the owners of rental properties through the proposed scrapping of Section 21 - whereby tenants will have more power over the property than the owner of it will, but also because of the 'tax on turnover' introduced by George Osborne. This leads to some landlords paying not a 50% tax rate, not an 80% tax rate, but an infinite tax rate. This is scandalous and I am repeatedly hearing landlords say they will vote Labour because of it (crazy because Labour's policies are so much worse, but true nonetheless).

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The tax reforms in 2015 to the private rented sector do not need to be built on. They need to be reversed. Taxing landlords on their mortgage costs as though these were profit - a tax on turnover which has led to some people paying an infinite tax rate, which is effectively confiscatory - is, as ICAEW has said, 'absurd, unjust and unsustainable.' It was a cheap anti-private property measure and an outrage for a Conservative Government to bring it in.

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' if the Conservative Party believes in anything it should be private property and the liberty of the individual. It is perfectly possible to frame the law so that it respects the freedom of individuals to move around the country freely, whilst respecting the rights of landowners.'

I hope that the author will also champion the private property rights of private landlords, which are under grave threat by the Government, which has pandered to left-wing organisations such as Shelter. I urge him to put his weight behind the campaign to stop the removal of Section 21 notices - I have written on this subject here:

Taking away private property owners' rights over their own property is an outrageous attack on property rights - the removal of the Section 21 notice will mean landlords hand the keys to their property to a stranger and may never again have control over that asset. This ill-conceived, knee-jerk policy by May in the dying days of her Government, in a desperate attempt to leave a legacy, must be kicked into touch.

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Hi Shaun
What do you mean by 'extending tenancies'? Are you proposing further restrictions on what private property owners can and can't do with their own assets? Are you proposing that rogue tenants - far greater in number than rogue landlords - are given the right to remain even longer in homes where they are causing huge financial stress to their landlord and terrible misery to fellow housemates and neighbours? As that is the consequence of extending minimum tenancy lengths. Decent tenants are allowed to stay longer anyway - mostly as long as they want; all this would do is help the criminal tenants that the landlord needs to get out.

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And the Tories have too have swayed into Venezuela territory, by imposing price controls on energy. Once this is accepted as a principle, other price controls like rent controls could follow. Then the race to the bottom will commence.

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Yes, I haven't read the article yet - but believe the title was plucked from a Jeremy Corbyn statement. This wishy-washy copying of the policies of the left is ill-conceived and damaging.