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As she mentioned last night, she has a Ford F150.

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I NEED my IMDB during previews to figure out just who that was doing the voice of the purple baboon.

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Love it. The kids at the HS took to twitter #lookadouche to mock the guy.

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I knew Buchanan had completely gone insane in 2008 with this exchange on MSNBC:

Buchanan: McCain's going to win 40 states. How can Obama win the election if he can't even win Pennsylvania in the primary?
Maddow: Just because he lost the primary doesn't mean he'll lose it in the general election.
Buchanan: Enough with your Marxist rhetoric.

Me: WTF!??!!?!?!?!?!?

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You mean, of course, until God changed his mind in 1978 and broadcast it through the head of the Mormon church.

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But, kinda by definition, none of the people he said it to at CPAC.

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Hey, don't forget Tammy Baldwin. We need something for the ladies, too.

...that's how it works, right?

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When has internal GOP polling ever turned out to be inaccurate?

I mean, since early November,

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With the crazy gerrymandering in place now, to get the House back, it would either have to be such a Dem wave to overcome it (60% state margins for places like PA and OH) or happen in two steps: first at the states, then redistrict there, THEN the next congressionals. Blehh.

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Yeah, like it destroyed Canada. It's a shame we have that big hole north of us now. And Scandinavia... The Netherlands... festering heaps of...

wwwaaaaait a second...