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The only way things will change is when people wake up and stop watching the games. Don't spend money on anything related to the team. Force a change.

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Pretty sure the towns south of Dbq are happy something is getting done about this crappy situation.

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I believe her. Now were did I put my oxy's?

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I would be willing to bet that Fedex and UPS spends as much or more than the USPS does on fuel. They deliver around the world 24-7. My point was, and still is, that we don't need 6 day mail service or every small town their own post office. Living in a small town has it's perks and it's downfalls. Closing places that loose money seems resonable.

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Driver, get ready to pee in a cup.

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Thank you jurors for doing a great job.

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1) I get my news from the internet. Much fewer ads. 2) I have a Kindle. Saves paper and gas since I don't have to drive to the store. 3) Have you bought a cd lately. I haven't. Google Pandora music. 4) Already have a membership through Card gets to recipient on time. 5) Don't cheat online or in a bar. 6) Can't copy school pictures, their copy written. 7) Federal employees rarely loose jobs. They just get relocated. 8) No need to hold my mail since NOTHING of value I have sent through the mail. UPS makes money, so does Fedex. Why not the USPS? To much your job.

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Alot to say about this story, but sadly it wouldn't make it past the mod.

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It isn't always the gun's fault. If there were next to no guns people would still find a way to murder.

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If you follow rules, it really isn't "touh" to get a license to purchase or even carry.