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Sounds like you understand more about the inner workings of Qt than I do but I can still try and explain better what I meant and you can let me know if you think it's relevant. I must admit this post is old and I haven't been working with QT for about 6 months so I'm a little rusty. However, it seemed to me that if you use the MEMBER macro, then the QML code that uses what Member exposes knows about what should be a private implementation detail. That is, it is directly creating code that goes and accesses my private member data by name. As an example of why I think this can be problematic: let's sayyou have a private variable named Time that's a simple int and you expose it with Member to be directly read and written. Let's further assume Time was originally internally represented as microseconds. If in the future I decide I need finer resolution and change the representation to nanoseconds I would break the QML which expects microseconds. If on the other hand Time were exposed through the AUTO_PROPERTY macro I could easily just rewrite the getter and setter to do the proper manipulation back to microseconds. Obviously I can no longer use AUTO_PROPERTY, but I don't break the GUI and my core model code can use the proper native time resolution. I'm pretty sure that's what I was thinking.

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That's pretty cool that I have a worshipper for life. Feeling God-like!

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Anders, Pluralsight would like us to answer all questions about the course on the course discussion board so that other subscribers might get the benefit of the answers. Please ask any COURSE SPECIFIC questions there. Thank you.

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Thanks Anders. Glad you liked the course. I'm afraid I don't know much about Linux. I would suggest if you're problem is Qt specific that you ask your question on the qt project forums, otherwise if it's just linux/pipe related then Stack Overflow would probably get you a faster answer.

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It is fun to see that something you wrote years ago is still helpful. I don't even remember writing this.

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Great. Glad you liked it. I'm about 3/4 of the way done with the 3rd course. It's still on schedule for a January 2015 release. I also program in C#/WPF, I actually found C++/QML easier to learn (and I didn't have my course to watch!). That may be because I had already been through the pretty steep learning curve of WPF. That said, if you already know C#/WPF, don't mind paying for Visual Studio (and every now and then being forced to upgrade it to be compatible with the latest version of .NET) and are only writing for the Windows platform; I don't think you'll get any big benefit from Qt/QtQuick. The biggest reason I can think of to prefer Qt over C# is that I don't make any C# courses. :) Of course at a minimum you should stick with it until you watch my third course.

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BTW, feel free to use the Discussion board for the course, especially for positive feedback :-). It helps me with Pluralsight when trying to get approval for future Qt courses. Pluralsight doesn't have any visibility on this blog.

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That's exactly what the next course will be. I avoid calling the pattern MVVM since that seems so closely tied to WPF, but to me the Presentation Manager pattern is pretty much the same thing (please forgive me purists). The plan is to do TWO full example programs. One from scratch to cater to folks that didn't watch the first course and to give those that did some ideas about how to think at least a little differently about the visuals of the UI. The second demo plan is to take the VFP code we did in part 1 and adapt it to Qt Quick. I won't be changing the look and feel . The point is just to show how adaptable the PM pattern (and Qt in general) is to refactoring existing code to Qt Quick. The bad news is the course probablywon't be released until February 2015.

9 years ago @ Tod's Tomes - Qt Quick Fundamentals ... · 2 replies · +1 points

You caught it on its first day, it just went live yesterday. I'm already working on part 3. This was originally envisioned as a three-part series but Qt is so deep that if there's enough interest I'm sure there will be even more courses. Part 3 is going to be about how to integrate Qt Quick with C++.
Enjoy and thanks for writing.

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I just checked it out and it looks pretty similar. After logging in, scroll down and on the left you should see the Account details area. One of the links below that will be for "Subscriptions". After that it should be just like the blog post. I modified one of the images to make it easier to tell where to go.