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To fight a shooting war, the west has to recruit people willing to be shot - that is Aussies and Pom and those brown people who also need to money. USA cannot use their own soldiers because the people get emotional when the body bags come back - that's a real drawback for an imperialist.

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Usually agree with you PD but I have generally good feelings about a German and Russia alliance. Russia has the raw materials in abundance while Germany has the finest chemical industry on the planet. I think we are talking about trade, right? Its not necessary to go into all the other associations that have become part of the command and control of the world. We are hoping to get every country trading together. They don't have to do anything elso.

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This article reminds me of those long years when the west had no idea what was going on in China and relied on whatever Chinese newspapers we could get fof hints.

I hope Pepe is right. The end of the predatory financial / economic system of USA / UK is a welcome event for humanity and we will all benefit from it. Let's get back to 'trade, trade, trade' as the basis of national relations.

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I suspect American credit has become so suspect that a new arms race may not be within the Fed / Wall Street's ability. Loading another huge devaluation on the paper money traders to fund the arms manufacturers, even if they can sell their products to the five eyes, will encounter resistance.

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Excellent bit f advice in that article from Craig Murray.

There should be a health warning on every bit of information recited from the UK media - " Take care - This information is heavily biased"

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There will be some movement towards a gold standard but the size o the global economy is now many times the size of the gold available.

I have greater faith in the digital currency being trialed in China's five largest conurbations. This is more likely to offer fairness in the means of exchange. It looks as thought the USD is history and only financial inactivity is keeping it up.

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C'mon fellahs - everyone knows the Hong Kong Journalists Association is a branch of the State Department. That chap at the FCC gave it away last year. You are all guilty of dereliction of duty and working under false pretenses. Its not a secret. Get used to it. Make your treason comfortable.

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Everyone in Hong Kong knows that Lai was behind the financing of the riots, paying the terrorists a daily rate to destroy street and traffic lights, to set fire to mainland businesses and to attack government buildings. His American accountant was said to be the channel for US funds to underwrite the attempted revolution. He influenced 'so called' journalists to bias their reports, to take photographs only of the backs of rioters' heads so they would not help to identify them. He sold immunity to the terrorists, defeated the application of common law and has been the cause of sadness and despair to the population for over a year.

I don't know how successful the intended prosecution of this monster will be but I have my fingers crossed.

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That's reassuring. The former response that was mentioned in "The Doomsday Machine" (the dead hand automatic software response) seemed inadequate. It might not have deterred a really wild Western commander.

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There is a sound basis to the notion of state sovereignty and its not some trite ideological thing. The fact is that the bones and ashes of our ancestors lie in the ground we walk upon each day. They form the soil from which we get our food. Its our undeniable claim to sovereignty.

The world should return to nationalism - language, songs, poems, literature - its the basis to happiness.