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The fact this "teacher" still has a teaching certificate speaks volumes ! I realize it is almost impossible to fire a teacher due to their teachers uinion but their certificate could be pulled !

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I expect the day will come when we will have to show our "papers" to travel from state to state.
People may not put up much of a fuss, they are now allowing their wives and children (and themselves) to be gropped at the airport. I never dreamed American citizens would allow something like this but many have been dumbed down to acepting this as normal treatment.
When the majority of voters liked Obama's statement that he would fundamentally change America if elected, our nation changed forever at that moment. I see only one way out of this and it's going to get ugly...real ugly !

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Not only that, WE vote !

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Never count out the Clintons..they may be down at times but never out of the game. Both are survivers who will stop at nothing .

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I read recently that his approval numbers among the black population is 97%. Sooner of later they will realize they are not getting a new stove, a rent paid apt. or house payment and free gas for their car. Will they turn on him ? No, both they and the media will stay it is the fault of Bush and will take Obama longer to deliver on his campaign promises. As for the rest of us lucky enough to still be working, watch taxes go sky high ! Our ONLY hope is to vote out almost all of Congress and Senate. Without them he is helpless.

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Pelosi Galore keeps getting re-elected by nitwits even farther left than she is. It's not only her, California keeps some real winners, there's Waxman, Waters, many others. A shame they get elected at a national level, now they have the power to destroy an entire nation, not only their home state. The blame game and the circle the wagons when one of their own is in trouble, is being well used by this administration. Expect the Fairness bill to come up again..they have to shut us up !

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I am so pleased Michelle is finally proud of America. It's so much easier to do living in Martha Vineyard, with servants that cater to every need. She and her husband are living a life of the best America has to offer, it's being paid for by the blood, swet and tears of the American worker. I haven't seen a women this thrilled to be first lady since Nancy Regan who left the WH kicking and screaming.

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A community activist is taught NEVER to give an apology for anything. It's part of their ACORN training.

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Teflon suit, no..Obama has a zoot suit ! Got it and his training from the oldtime Chicago mobsters. That and ACORN.

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Incentives ? Again ? How many times are we going to let this 3rd world Hellhole of a country blackmail us? Thier insane leader is crazy enough of light up one of our states and then what ? Oh ! I know ! Obama will send over an "apology czar" and say it's all our fault !