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Travelers don't have to give a free show or expose sensitive tissue to radiation. Expecting mothers, young women, elderly, children and people with BRCA gene (DNA repair) issues should avoid radiation. New "privacy" software does not change radiation levels and has a high false positive. Detailed images are still viewable over a computer network. Learn more about radiation and privacy protection:

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About time states are moving to protect the citizens sad that Texas got cold feet? Assert your rights get real 4th amendment and radiation protection learn more. Here...

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We care concerned the general use of airport scanner radiation with children and mothers to be will lead to more cancer. The radiation is health risk to the very young and all people 5% with the DNA repair BRCA gene issue.

[youtube LOVl5ZQIUi8 youtube]

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New cell phones are operating near microwave oven frequencies hardly "low frequency" and at significant power levels 33dBm (1watt), common sense tells you this is not good for you. Microwave ovens don't use "ionizing radiation" and as you know will heat tissue. Please, invest in a headset and hold the phone away from you.

We are the original USA mfg of airport x-ray protective undergarments Rocky Flats Gear. As an electrical engineer I have worked with x-rays, microwaves and cellular equipment this stuff can hurt or kill you. Regarding the airport scanners many use "ionizing radiation" (x-rays) some use soft x-rays giving a large skin dose. Others more like high energy chest x-ray and are absorbed deep in the body, STAY away from the scanners they WILL cause cancer. Children, expecting mothers, people with the BRAC1 gene should avoid x-rays and ionizing radiation. Questions drop me a note request the free report on ionizing radiation and security. Jeff Buske

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Nice, product we offer a complementary airport scanner radiation protective bra insert and privacy pantie. New airport scanners hit your body with dangerous x-rays TSA claims the dose is small but, the actual dose is classified nothing to hide. TSA, claims the images are non detailed and are not saved, I'm sure we can trust them. We are assured the person viewing is same sex. Expecting mothers, young children and people with the BARC1 gene should avoid x-rays. We are working to promote public health and radiation education Rocky Flats Gear.

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Greag's clever aluminum foil arrows are transparent to x-rays used in backscatter systems 60KVp (rapiscan) and 125KV (AS&E). Why just point to your tool when you can protect your DNA with the original USA made Rocky Flats Gear radiation protective undergarments. Our USA made, patent pending independently tested shield is bonded to a high quality undergarment. Our products can be used over and over OK to machine wash, comfortable for extended wear. Expecting mothers and children should avoid the scanner. The security area is radioactive from open scanners and x-ray luggage equipment. Protect your family and future generations. Jeff Buske

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The media puts up sensational headlines to get your attention, to distract you like a magic trick from the real issues. Many people are rightfully concerned about privacy and having a government agent grope you is a very emotional issue. Invisible x-rays damage DNA, increase your chance for cancer is not mentioned? X-rays are used sparingly for medical/dental procedures by shielded trained professionals. The general use of x-rays for security is creating a major heath risk, are a major danger to young children, expecting mothers and, people with the BARC1 gene. Request FREE reports "how Scanners work" and "dangers of ionizing radiation for security" reports. Jeff Buske Rocky Flats Gear original USA mfg of radiation protective undergarments.