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I'm so damn sick of this stupid talk, this person is not Conservative enough. (give me a break) ~ What really matters is, who can win and that's Mitt Romney.
Romney and Bachmann are the only two that said no amnesty and no benefits for illegals.....That I love. ~ Go to lapdonline dot org and scroll down to the "most wanted" and you will see what I mean.

These Tea Party imbeciles are so damn dumb it's pathetic.
First they put the two worst on top, Rick Perry and Ron Paul, then put the other jerk, Herman Cain. Now they put the man that had an affair when his wife was in the hospital with cancer.

You that want Obama gone like me, must now support Mitt Romney.
All of these other candidates must pull out now. The sooner all get behind Romney the better. ~ Obama has one billion to work with and Romney is the only one that can beat him.

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**** Ron Paul's son is a Scientolgist and Ron is supported by the Cult.

Scientology just purchased the KCET Studio's in Hollywood, Ca. it came with many acres of prime land also.
I can tell by tlhe work on the video that it was made by the slaves at the Cult.

Ron has made them promises to do with Mental issues, Medicines, IRS, Pravacy concerns, etc.

This man is very dangerous because he might run as a third party and take away some votes from the GOP..
In 2008 he refused to endose McCain and had his own Convention on the same day as the GOP.
We just have to hope that he does not make it to his next birthday because he is 80 yo.
Same with the other piece of garbage, Donald Trump.

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Law enforcement needs all the tools they can get.

Someone needs to tell Paul there's very dangerous people running loose.

All of this ridiculous search and seizure, Paul always talks about is stupid.

All of this talk of not allowing profiling is also stupid.

Miranda rights is stupid.

All of this is only good for crooked defense attorneys but not good for law abiding citizens or law enforcement.

If it was up to Paul, he would take away all the tools from law enforcement.

If you have nothing to hide, why would you care if law reads you Miranda rights......

Paul once read a book authored by a Libertarian and Paul can't pick the good from the stupid.

It's no wonder in all the polls his approval rating is under 7%

About the only thing I agree with him on is auditing the Fed Reserve.

Now days Paul, is also very weak on illegal immigration.

He did say a month ago in one debate, he would support amnesty if the border was secure.

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Food for thought: did you see Obama bow down and kiss the hand of Israel's PM ~ NO!
When he went to the Middle East, did you see who he did bow down to?
End of story

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The answer to Libya is Ghana.
Ck out the way Ghana turned out.

Google: Ghana Gov and schools, one school turning out computor scientist.

Libya has offered to pay the US with the 100 billion we are holding for them.
Who are we going to give the money to......

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Could never understand why the majority of Jewish voters are Democrats.

They would be so much better off with Republicans in office.

Maybe they don't know that Liberals do not support Israel...Duh

Lets just hope that Obama does not appoint any more judges to office

Can not wait till 2012

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After her conversion to Judaism, Taylor worked for Jewish causes throughout her life. In 1959, her large-scale purchase of Israeli Bonds triggered Arab boycotts of her films.

In 1962, she was barred from entering Egypt to complete Cleopatra; its government announced that "that Miss Taylor will not be allowed to come to Egypt because she has adopted the Jewish faith and 'supports Israeli causes.'"

In 1974, Taylor and Richard Burton considered marrying in Israel, but could not because Burton was not Jewish. Taylor helped to raise money for organizations such as the Jewish National Fund; advocated for the right of Soviet Jews to emigate to Israel and canceled a visit to the USSR because of its condemnation of Israel due to the Six-Day War; signed a letter protesting the United Nations General Assembly Resolution 3379 of 1975; and offered herself as a replacement hostage during the 1976 Entebbe skyjacking.

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She was buried in a private Jewish ceremony, presided over by Rabbi Jerry Cutler, the day after she died, at Forest Lawn Memorial Park in Glendale, California. Taylor is entombed in the Great Mausoleum, where public access to her tomb is restricted.[66] At her request, the funeral began 15 minutes after it was scheduled to begin; as her representative told the media "She even wanted to be late for her own funeral."

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She at least was not all bad because she did converted to Judaism and supported Israel.
Elizabeth Taylor took the Hebrew name Elisheba Rachel and converted to Judaism.

Sarah Palin also is a major supporter of Israel and rightfully so.