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Betas are generally older fish to begin with. If you got 1 year and 10 month out of a Beta you got from a chain pet store, you're actually on the high side of average.

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It does my old Kennedy Class Liberal heart good to see at least one of the overblown, oversold, over reaching political hacks finally getting a fraction of what he deserves. I hope people in Wisconsin toss him so far out of office that he'll have to walk back from Wyoming!

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The poor gal must feel so inadequate.. The Llama can spit farther, has a better personality, is more truthful, and actually performs a useful function in the culture where it comes from. Poor Crazy Eyes", always coming off second best...

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"Rummy" has nothing to worry about. He's got so little to "feel up" that the TSA likely had to use a magnifying glass before having the biggest laugh since they wanded the last toddler who wandered by.

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Let me lay some genuine Yiddish on this gal. Her entire campaign comes down to only one word:Mishigas! And she's Meshugeneh!
and by the time her "cam-pain" staff finish looking that one up, hopefully the election will be over!

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Another prime example of how these "Hot button" policies (and I use the word loosely) look and sound so good to so many dupes.
But when supplies fall and prices go up even faster, nobody seems to be very happy.
I can hope this teaches some very silly people in Georgia a good stiff lesson. But somehow, the half wits who put this idea into operation seem to be beyond both learning and hope.

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At least you'd get a slightly more well crafted foreign policy from the FRIED PORK TENDERLOIN SANDWICH, and certainly a more "appetizing" candidate to boot! :)

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Doesn't that just frost you? when We're forced to admit that a dead Terrorist has a better grasp of how the US Government really works than most of it's own citizens?

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You poor man.. after 18 years and $20 mil, you never had a single friend who cared enough about you or the project to walk up to you at the first screening of the release print and tell you to your face that the movie was a bomb before it escaped into theaters?
I feel sorry for you. because you're either in an ivory tower, and not listening to anyone else, or someone DID tell you that this was a mess, and you elected not to listen. Because that's the only two ways a film like this gets loose on the public..

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The only one who can take hope from you is you. Yes, it is a struggle, and sometimes we seem to be rolling a rock up the hill. But nothing worthwhile was ever had in a day, or a day without effort.
Remember most of all that the only way that evil wins is when good people do nothing,
If WE don't FIGHT, they win. Is that what you want for the next generation?
No. The thought that's always sustained me is that many good people gave everything, so we could have something to hold onto. Nobody is going to wrap themselves in a false flag and try to take it away from me, or those who will come after me, hoping for the same thing to hold onto. I honor the sacrifices of those who came before me to much to allow that to happen.
These "Party of NO" nutbars are counting on an easy victory. The minute they discover that there are people who just won't "roll over" to them, they lose all power or the pretense of it.
Don't give up hope, because if you give up hope, everyone loses a bit more freedom along with it.