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The Chilean cult story is incredible/horrifying. I read about a few years ago, but still remember the part where they stage Santa's assassination. The whole thing is incredibly sad, but well worth a read.

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Yeah, but it contains these glorious lines:

"The trouble is that we have a bad habit, encouraged by pedants and sophisticates, of considering happiness as something rather stupid. Only pain is intellectual, only evil interesting. This is the treason of the artist: a refusal to admit the banality of evil and the terrible boredom of pain."

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I would be so devastated if they ever break up.

Watching British panel shows on Youtube is my favorite way of procrastinating, and in one of my binges i found this short lived Charlie Brooker show where David and Victoria appeared on one episode:

Victoria Coren's line about that stupid ad is just brilliant. Apparently they weren't together at the time of the taping, but is it just me or there is some tension in the way they look at each other?

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At first I though that was a prank. I mean, even in a movement as ridiculous as MGTOW, that's is too much. But then again, the whole movement can be summed as 'going Galt on women'. And, just as Randians, they assume that when they finally go on strike/self-exile , the people they left outside (collectivists or feminists) would really, really miss them. So that article is probably the real deal.

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I don't think Dr. Nerdlove fits in the whole red-pill thing. In fact, he's been quite outspoken against toxic masculinity. Some of the commenters might spout some red-pill stuff but that is probably because his target demographic overlaps a lot with the red-pill dudes. Which is actually a good thing because they are the most vulnerable to the myths that the red-pillers peddle as bio-truths and that he tries to dispell in some of his articles.

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Oh, god. I don't wanna mislead anyone. Not really, really canon, but unfortunately probably the closest thing to it we will get.

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Oh, and Silver Metal Lover looks quite interesting, is on my reading list now.

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Not quite. But the post that prompted me to register that username and comment for the first time was also something ridiculous about an Robot.

Specifically, Roko's Basilisk, an hypothetical all-powerful AI that some people on the internet believe would one day maximize human welfare, abolishing suffering in a cyber-rapture. In order to do so at the earliest possible moment, thus ''saving' the most people, it would blackmail people who knew about its eventual existence, even if they are already dead (seriously). How it would do so? By torturing an exact simulation of the person in question (honest to god, some people lose their sleep over this).

I won't discuss it further, to spare you from the depths of Robot Hell, but if it's anything like Futurama's it's not so bad if you like Musical Theater (hence the name).

The fact that this bizarre type of Techno-Calvinism was created by self-styled ultra-rationalists never ceases to amuse me.