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I'm just not a big fan of 3D and I do realize it's not quite fair to dismiss its use in the film. I just would like to see a dark version of the story that isn't swamped with gimmicks.

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Thank you RF for the dictionary definition of monumental. I don't know that anyone would have understood the meaning of the word without your help.
Ledger could have only left his performances as Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain and the Joker in The Dark Knight and still have been better than most of the inhabitants of his profession. Most actors never get a single great role.
If his career was short of monumental it was because his life was cut short.
But please don't insult people's intelligence by saying we're all just brainwashed
by a "media mass effect".

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My fault. I just assumed he was directing.

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I'm not a fan of Clash of the Titans. This is great casting but only if there's a great script and the movie isn't as cheesy as the original.
Both actors are suited to the roles. Neeson as Zeus? Who better to play the larger than life Zeus? Fiennes as Hades? Who better to play the gloomy ruler of the underworld?
Of course the original had Laurence Olivier, Maggie Smith, Sian Philips, Flora Robson and the only redeeming qualities are Harryhausen's stop motion creatures.
Good luck to the two acting Gods. Unless they get a great script they're going to need it!

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I was referring to the article calling Clash of the Titans a "truly truly brilliant film".
Harryhausen's work in it is, as I said, a fine example of stop motion work.
But the film doesn't approach being brilliant, in my opinion. It's a pretty bad film with the exception
of Harryhausen's work.
To me it's way overstated to call the film brilliant.
It's interesting that it was noted that "Raiders of the Lost Ark" was released the same year. While I wouldn't call it brilliant either, there's no doubt it's held up as a film far more than Titans ever could.

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While Ray Harryhausen's stop motion effects hold up as a great example of the art, I would never use the word brilliant to describe 1981's Clash of Titans. The acting is abysmal and no amount of special effects can save that film as anything more than a sort of archive of Harryhausen's work. Something's wrong with a film when the stop motion animations have more life in them than the actors.

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A correction to the article. Ms. Shelly was murdered in an apartment she used as an office.

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The best film I saw in 2008 was Let the Right One In.
I think the Swedish Vampire film knocks them all out of the box. But of course it wasn't nominated.
But still I thought, maybe a write in vote would carry the day! ; )

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I'm looking forward to this as much as Watchmen. It looks great.

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Development of Spielberg's Lincoln goes back to 2006 so I think attempts to politicize the film have no merit.
I suspect Abraham Lincoln can somehow stand on his own as the subject of a film.
Hugh Dancy's a good choice for Booth. I just threw the question out there. I suspect Booth won't get too much screen time.