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If 24% support the war, then they are probably amoungst the 42% that mistakenly think Washigton is winning.

That leaves 18% that mistakenly think Washington is winning, but oppose it still.

That's somewhat encouraging ; though misinformed, those 18% still see the basic wrongness of the war.

---The Bikemessenger

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paulBass says: '...the united states of America is a fascist state, not a socialist one."

Paul, there is no mutual exclusivity between socialism and fascism.

Of course, I was merely being sarcastic. If you prefer the less resonant "Unfree Fascist America" I would be hard-pressed to object.

In reality, the two are variations of statism; differing only at the most superficial level, where the right and left wing factions compete.

The entirety of the mainstream "news" consists of a play-by-play of this conflict.

Except for the occasional Ron Paul interview, opposition to statist policy is absent; choosing sides in the right-left statist competition as the only alternative is presented as the unspoken given.

Peace and economic freedom are outside the bounds of this paradigm.

---The Bikemessenger

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For GE, Boeing, et al, a "... foreign policy in the Middle East is in shambles." is just fine.

The MEC doesn't care about "winning", an impertinent term at this point.

Their profit from the fighting, win or lose.

Obama never lied to anyone about his position on war. Read his famous, rarely read speech as an Illinois state senator condemning the Iraq invasion.

He opposed the war then not because it was wrong, but because it was stupid.

The main theme of the speech is a song of praise to the god of war, as a disclaimer to his opposition to this particular war.

Yet that was enough to enthrall most of the "anti-war" left.

Lets face it, if you don't thnk war is cool, you don't get to live in the White House.

Now, the government-worshiping sheep that constitute the majority here in Unfree Socialist America are pacified by the cash-for-clunkers boondoggle MSM propaganda and the propect of "free" healthcare.

---The Bikemessenger

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Get real.

You know this "election" will be deemed a "success", regardless of what happens.

If Florida '00 and Ohio '04 could pass for "legitimate", then the adverse circumstance of Afghanistan '09 will serve as basis for grading on a curve.

---The Bikemessenger

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"Take heart, dear reader: our day will come."
"But where can a man go
That's sweet to his soul
When his time is not ready
But he's still turning old
Here's a dream for the piper
And a tune for his lady
Outside the thin wall
The waves are still raging..."
"Harp Tree Lament" ---Robert Hunter
---The Bikemessenger