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Actually.Barokeydoke wasn't even a "first-rate community organizer" either....the reason he decided to enter conventional politics instead was because he was such a wretched failure at it

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Chief Crazy Whore shittum panties.....make heap big stink....say "ancestors" hunt crab with tomahawk....then serve to Duke of Windsor at La Pavilion with tomato mayonnaise dressing.....anachronisms lost on white eyes press....forked tongues out wazoo

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Aww,these guys are all night when I was a junior at Ole Miss,there was a massive panty was customary during such events to throw a coat hanger into the transformer connection outside the girls' dorm to knock out the lights for that block to make the raiding of the panties more 'discrete'....Some of us got the bright idea to drive over to the campus power substation with a few coat hangers and try the same thing.....we must have tossed 2 dozen hangers into the substation grid apparatus...and as fate would have it,the very last coat hanger I had and threw hit home...BAM!!...the electrical arc felt like an atom bomb going off next to me....the power was off all over the Ole Miss campus for the rest of the night....needless to say,the panty raid was an unqualified success

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Live by the melanin,die by the melanin

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The Obama 'recovery' is a lot like 'Bigfoot'...a lot of people claim to have seen it here and there....but most people don't believe it

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Maybe guilty of littering....leaving trash on the ground

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Two Jews get shipwrecked on a desert island...for 10 long years they wait to be rescued..keeping themselves occupied with such building projects as the island's resources would permit....a ship finally stopped to pick them up....the Captain gazed upon the site of 3 synagogues the castaways had built....."But why three of them?",he asked..clearly puzzled...."That should be obvious",one of them said..."Conservative for him,Orthodox for me...and a 3rd one that neither of us would ever set foot in"

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Well,we've always known that Barokeydoke wanted to "fundamentally transform" America....he wants to "fundamentally transform" SCOTUS into an adjunct arm of the Democrat at least he's being intellectually consistent

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Note to self: buy more ammo at Walmart this weekend

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NAACP?....Negros And Assorted Crybaby Pickaninnies?