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Coach you dont know that I am a Beck-ite, I use the word progressive and now I am labeled; good bad or indifferent I am thoroughly able to read and research history with no help from anyone maybe you should do the same. Just saying...

Gingrich does have nads which is needed and if he wins I sincerely hope he tells the press to take a hike I think Reagan did that didnt he? Have a good day Coach!

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excellent points, when you look at them in print it has more of an impact than someone running off the mouth. People should think twice.

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Gingrichs record I wouldnt brag about too much, granted he has been in Govt for many years thus more opportunity to screw up however... his policies are progressive.

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I find it interesting all along this process Spkr Gingrich always argued with the debate moderators and making statements like we are not here to attack each other, we need to focus on Obama and his record NOW he changes his mind??? I guess its GAME ON now.

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WOW! They are really trying to ruin Hawkeye Football Gameday. Ridiculous. They are probably Cyclone fans on the council or in the neighborhood. What will they think of next...... No wearing of black and gold because it would be offensive to the opposing teams??? Just saying....

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It is now just spring, Cant wait for summer. Dont you think the clerk would have thought something was up when there was 200 people there? They need to close that store as a public nuisance.

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A private company is just that...private. It is not paid for by taxpayers whereas every bit of the public employee's wages are paid by the taxpayer who makes 50% less than the unionized state worker not to mention their eternal pension plans which are broke for which they are trying to get more money in their pension plans so they can pay the ones that have been there. Anyway, Unions were necessary back in the day of sweatshops and underage workers but now not soooo much. All they do is fight for more and more of my money (taxpayer) and more and more benefits and pension and do less and less. No thanks. I can only hope the Wisconsin 14 get recalled by their voters ASAP!!!

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Fighting for democracy?? I hardly doubt it. What they have now with Mubarak and what they will get will not be a democracy. Anyone here think Hamas, the Muslim Brotherhood are all about democracy? Maybe more like Sharia Law and the destruction of Israel. So when Egypt is oppressed once again, people will be taken out and no protests allowed unless it is choreographed by the Hamas, Muslim Brotherhood leaders.

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Why have the watches expired up to Feb 2nd?? Just wondering.

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Maybe a description would help and a RED LIGHT camera which gives better detail than the crummy bank cameras on previous robberies.