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Rita Infidel


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Women are an insult to "their' reliigon.......well thats Islam. i guess those men think they fell from the sky on pillows rather than from a womans uterus.

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Ahhh Pak-land keeeps sinking lower and lower into the ground. Let's just see what it looks like in about 5 years any bets on it being the same as war torn super Islamic Afgan-land?

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I think we have to consider that if muslim women take off the curtain and show themselves their taking a step in the direction of individuality and thats definitley not where Islam wants them to go.....

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Actually i think that mental confusion in muslim women is from being beaten hourly
hmmm or it could be from the continous saga of birth,rape,birth and rape that they undergo

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I hope he sends them a basket full of pork and pictures of puppies with a note that says "screw you the pope doesnt lie of apologize!"

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Calling for murder and mayhem are a religious duty in muslim land so he doesnt think hes doing anything wrong. Muslims have many enemies dont they?
1. Jews
2. Christians,
3. Hindus and Buddists
4. Women
5. Children
6. Ex muslims
7. Journalists, artists, speakers
8. Shia muslims

God im tired im sure theres like a 1000 more........crap

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Well you see "Prophet" muhammed was a sick twisted but slighly smart man. He made a sick stupid religion, spread it by the sword then made sure to implement fool proof policies such as
- dont question the religion
-dont think about the religion
- people that leave the religion shud die and be killed
- Convert everyone i am the last messenger.

And ofcoruse idiotic muslims who have decided that God gave them a brain so they SHOUDNT use it have followed these policies. Sadly, thats almost all of them. They chant the Quaran day and night not knowing half is plagiarized and the other half is just the sick thoughts of a mentally ill man that was looking for fame so he cud feel important.

And all loving and happy God is a stranger to muslims and its a pity they are never able to truly accept a God who also accepts Christians and Hindus.

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Your completely right, when religion interferes with politics we get poverty, intolerance, death and miserable people.....



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That guy is an idiot for sure. Muslims ARE a threat to society becasue they themselves have proven it to be a fact.

It is truly disgusting and outrgeous that he relates the suffering of jews to the propesed "suffering" of musilmas. One BIG difference, muslims have created their own suffering while the suffering of jews was created by others. And most people in the world from alternate faiths suffer at the hands of muslims. I hate how delusioned and retarded they are like do they all put ear plugs in after leaving the mosque?

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Yes it is :S havent u read the Quaran?? haha