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Rarijack + Coco? Sign me up!

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Ah I guess I did, that's what I get for trying to do it at work... It's 18a1f

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I can't believe Rainbow almost sold Fluttershy. Just... WTF.

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I have so much pony with me at all times it's ridiculous lol, Lyra (or Fluttershy) key chain, Rainbow Dash wallet, DJ Pon3 iPhone case... I don't wear pony shirts to work often though, well under my uniform for one half I can get away with it (that's cheating, it makes me happy though), but the other half isn't kind to clothing so I tend to just wear old stuff that doesn't matter.

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Huh, I feel obligated to read this for some reason...

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I made muffins this morning and they turned out a little on the derpy side (I just don't know what went wrong!)... still good though.

Happy Derpy Day everypony!

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Oh man, I have updates to Project Horizons, Heroes and Asylum, plus a few others to read....I am so glad I'm on vacation this week. XD

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I am Commander Cadence the adorable earth pony destined to curse Equestria. Eyup.

for some reason it really wants me to be a princess, I got Commander Luna and Fluffy Celestia too lol.

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Hehe so much fun, my bests so far are 743 not cheating and 1162 with the cheat.

Edit: 1498 with cheat now, I think I'm done here XD