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Oh Krispy. I don't care if they make the Alliance gear look prim and proper with lions and eagles on it. That isn't the point. The point I am trying to make is that the color choices, contrast, and even gear detail seems to be lacking on the Alliance side. Simple things like making the Shaman shoulders look different than the Hunters, or the Pally shoulders look different than the Warrior and DK. Those are attentions to detail that are not present on the Alliance side.

Blizzard can load up the horde gear with enough spikes to make them all look like walking blow fish and throw goal posts on all the Alliance gear if that is their vision, but at least give each faction the same amount of thought, variety, and detail.

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Is that real? they should name the game "guitar hero travel case".

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Hogwash, that's Sonic the Hedgehog on the cover.

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Nonsense. Just wait til they are added to the bottom of every cereal carton as promotional gifts. That or try to win one from those crane machines.

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It's ok Demi, soon enough they will release

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Hells yea! Looks like our source from last year wasn't fibbing.

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freaking hilarious. solid gold records.

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You are more than entitled to your opinion but it is incorrect. That was not the case and it is not the case for many sites who have come to us voicing their experiences dealing with N4G. Many of those sites have decided to remove the embed feature on their video.

You are looking at it from the point of a reader, and that perspective is understood. However, you also have to consider the many contributors that helped to deliver content to the site that were not in the top ten each month and were not getting paid via a "contest" each month. Those contributors did what they did to build awareness of their site.

To then force (and it is forcing) those that want to continue to use the site to embed the video and images is a demonstration of the site's moderators complete disregard for the contributors that helped make the site what it is today.

You will see a select few contributors who get their palms greased by N4G, and they will of course defend the site as expected, but that doesn't account for the majority who speak up and have their accounts banned or chat bubbles deleted. The fanboy aspect effects the readers and the strong arm embed policy effects contributors.

To be clear, the corporate evolution that N4G is experiencing is not unique to them. Digg, eBay, and many other sites have done this as well. They start off with one reality that they use to suck in members and then kick into another phase when the dollars start rolling in. Ebay was free at its inception and only began to charge once they had a firm grasp on the majority of the online bidder/seller market. That is when posting, selling, and final sale fees went into effect.

If you didn't start your blog a few years ago, you would be very hard pressed to generate social networking traffic today via Digg or N4G. The sites are both at the point now where they don't need the small sites to contribute in order for them to prosper. It is unfortunate, but it goes to show that in a bottom line driven economy, the early bird gets the worm.

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I am simply making a point based on observation. Thank you for your unbiased comment.