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*sigh* can't possibly see how someone who sees minorities as the but of jokes and not human beings MIGHT also see them as inferior? So unless they say it out loud it isn't racism...just comedy?

You don't understand how a person who has experiences racism MIGHT not want to have it be the punch line of a joke to them? You know, you also probably shouldn't share those HILARIOUS rape jokes when you are with a rape victim or keep those holocaust jokes to yourself when you are around Jewish people as well. Cause you, you know, just because a subject is fodder for your comedic GOLD, doesn't mean it doesn't have a deeper meaning to them.

You think people need thicker skin. I think people need to stop being idiots.

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To lesser extreme of course, but THIS is how they should turn John Cena and make his character less stale. He still loves his fans but be more condescending and prickish to those that love him. Basically the Bret and the world vs America thing. The kids will still support Cena, his merchandise shouldn't dip(its not like the ones booing are buying anyway) and creates a us against the world vibe for his fans. He would be the ultimate tweener. Because the "you have the right to boo or cheer...I'm okay with that" stuff has grown stale.

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See...i think peoples problem with him stems from the fact that he is in horrible cardio shape and has horrible ring timing yet is going to be headlining Wrestlemania. People were mad when the Rock did it too, difference being Rock was in better shape(still getting winded) and could bring in more PPV buys and ratings it actually helped the boys in the back. Rock also managed to not insult the entire locker room on the way back in as well.

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So to be clear, it was planned that they would stop attacking him and just stand around? Come on. The plan was for a beat down, probably a double chokeslam through the table, sister abigal and for Cena to be stretchered out. The knee tweak was legit. Otherwise you are telling me during a planned knee injury, none of the Wyatts attacked his leg to sell the injury? The plan was to punch him some and leave, huh?

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I fully realize this is me being judgmental, and I haven't walked in her shoes and all, but personally I don't see how people claim to be with the love of their lives, that person dies suddenly and they are dating someone else 8 months later.

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Um...he was very vocal about it.

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That's not how he got injured. That was kayfabe how he was injured. He had a kidney condition that was never really reveled although the assumption could be made it wad due to the steroids. He developed his weight problem after the kidney condition..

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HHH basically redid the Harley Race/vader vs Ron Simmons angle where he was the racist white guy saying Booker couldn't beat him because Blacks are inferior to whites. Then HHH beat him....clean. If you are going to bring racism into a angle there is only ONE outcome and that's to have the racist lose. Except here. The WWE basically validated every thing HHH said as the racist heel.

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So being an American of African decent is a lost concept on you? I am sure at one point someone got mad at being called black instead of colored. I personally don't care, AA/black...whatever. I don't get being so worked up about it.

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Henry isn't going to move merchandise, and is at the end of his run. From a merchandising standpoint, Henry isn't the guy.