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I hate Malaysian taxi drivers as much as anyone else but I have to agree with them. Uber is a taxi company and as such they must register as one with the SPAD. The fact that they are not doing so now means they can get away with breaking regulations for taxi services. That is irresponsible and unsafe, whatever the app creators may claim.

Even Berlin has banned Uber and punished a lot of its drivers. I believe they should be banned in KL also if they don't adhere to the law.

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I'm not sure where you are getting the quote that our safety record is not the best. Even international news sources affirm that MAS has a great safety record. The pilot is extremely experienced, the radar was working fine and the plane model has never suffered incidents like this before.

This is a genuinely baffling mystery for aviation experts all over the world. Something went wrong in this flight that no airline or country in the world would have been able to prevent. So for once, stop the Malaysia bashing and support the authorities who are working on this,;they are doing the best they can.

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You also get more risk elsewhere. If everyone was allowed to invest on as many unit trusts as they want we would get far more bankrupt retirees walking around.

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As a unit trust consultant you are clearly biased. There is higher return but more risk. EPF's reliability is worth having a lower dividend for.

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EPF money is invested separately from the government budget. They are government-linked so they will support government projects but the money is not in UMNOs pockets like everyone says.

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GST is necessary. If you spend more money, you should be taxed more. Meanwhile income tax is reduced. This system rewards people who manage their finances properly.

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Mr Khalil thinks that a staggering 80% household debt to GDP ratio is entirely due to poor management of finances? No mention of ridiculous inflation rates, tariffs on cars and stagnant wages over the past few decades? How much is BN paying you to try and blame it all on the public? The only fault the people made was to stick with a miserable government that should have been put out of power 10 years ago!

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Eh eh eh the problem is not solved just yet! Don't go jumping the gun and assuming everyone is already feeling happy about the situation Dr Puyok. If this turns into a full-on insurgency, the fault is going to lie squarely in BN's hands and you are going to be the first person to eat your words!

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The TRUTH is that there was a referendum 50 years ago and the PEOPLE of Sabah CHOSE to join Malaysia NOT the Philippines. This is the 21st century, we will not bow down to requests made by so-called absolute Monarchs who claim a territory is part of their 'kingdom'. The ICJ would never side with the Philippines in this matter. As for the Sulu, try and make something of yourselves in the present, don't keep whining about how great you were in the past.

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Datuk Tony Fernandes still seemed perfectly willing to help regardless. When all is said and done, Malaysia is his homeland too and he knows that. Also the military is probably paying him a lot of money.