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Good job!! I started loosing weight too last schoolyear. I've lost 5 kg in 5 months. But under the vacation I let myself loose again ^^' Now school started again and I'm going to try it again! Thanks for the helpful sites! I did running to work out which was quite nice, first lost cm's then kg :D weird ^^' Good luck with your weightloss!

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thankyou ^^

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what I forgot to say is it has a really nice finish too ^^ Hope you can try it soon too!

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thanks ^^

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Thankyou very much! ^^ I'm very happy with your comment! It's so easy to make and looks sophisticated. You should try it yourself! :D

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Thankyou very much ^^ I love this picture too! My favourite from the photoshoot ^^ Noura (the photographer) knows what she want and helped very much. She captured it great I think ^^. Hihi, jup that's the skirt :) I added you on facebook so you can see the other pictures of the full outfit too :)

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awww thankyou! That's very sweet of you ^^ I'm glad you like it!

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How cool :D I have seen this game before but never took interest in it but now I read Alice in Wonderland and I loved it, so I'm a bit curious about this game. Have to see if I could get it second hand somewhere, the old version :)

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Oh thanks! I didn't notice that until now XD Going to try that next time in pictures!

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1. I promise to make a picture of the charm :)
2. I found your blog through egl ^^
3. I'd love Mary Magdalene or Bodyline to have a point system. Discounts are always nice but I think exclusive products could be cool too!
We don't have point systems here, some of the shops have cards like when you make 10 purchases they count the amount you've spend and 10% from that number is your discount. You do have something like the points in the supermarket but if you have a full card, you still have to pay for half of the item.