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Niggas be straight up jelly homegirl Rarity is winning

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Almost 7 minutes of analysis on a background pony... sounds like your typical day on EQD

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Good thing I found this shit yesterday, how about giving me some credit? http://www.equestriadaily.com/2013/05/lyra-and-pi... INB4 troll comments

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Looks like the fat chick from Nickelodeon's "All That" makes a special guest appearance in this video

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I watch My Little Pony because Equestria Girls is the best thing to ever come out of the franchise.

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You applaud them for trying to make as much money as possible? Me too (seriously), that's what capitalism is all about. They don't give a shit about the fandom or the show, just money. Anybody who makes My Little Pony merchandise is guaranteed to make a killing if the product isn't shit.

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Instead of assuming, why don't you look it up. http://www.toywiz.com/funkomlp.html

Funko Hot Topic figurines don't have many of the characters with actual lines in the show crucial to the plot such as Rarity, Celestia, and the CMC

They only sell products marketed towards people that read fan fics. The products include the Time Turner (AKA Doctor Whooves), Lyra, and Octavia. From those three characters, I can only think of two spoken lines. I never said anything was wrong with making money off of people that only give a shit about fan fics, I just think that in principle it would be nice if they made figurines out of characters that are essential to the show.

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How about these fools make figurines of characters that actually speak in the show?
Oh yeah, cause 90% of Bronies only give a shit about fan fics.

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I'd rather save my money for Equestria Girls than buy this shit

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You can only play as Rash and Zitz on the NES version because Pimple gets captured due to memory restrictions.
Arcade Version = all 3 characters, smoother gameplay, better and cooler animations, and more violence
NES Battletoads= Shit