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If this were not so true it might be funny, but I like to point out how rare it is we see LDS coming here to this blog and giving honest answers to these questions. It's also rare how we see LDS coming here and saying no these issues are not problems and here's why.....

I know LDS really want to believe JS and all he had to offer, but still is ricking your eternal life and spending eternity in hell apart from God really worth not asking questions or really seeking the truth?

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What is funny is, You find what might be a book of plates and the LDS get giddy, yet out in NY where we Supposedly had a battle where 2 million were killed, You would think we would be over whelmed with evidence. But it's so sad that we cannot find a single coin that LDS are now thinking that maybe this mythical battle really took place some where else.

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Ted Bundy was a good looking clean cut guy, but he was also a hard core serial killer. Me on the other hand, some have meet me and seen what I look like, I look like the last guy you would ever want to meet in a dark ally. Yet we simply cannot judge by appearance.

If you stood me next to Ted Bundy, you would say, I want Ted to be with me in that ally, yet he would want to take you in that ally and do some evil things to you. Me I would be the one to protect you from someone like him. Sad as it is we judge by looks and looks can deceive you. Just wish more people would wake up to that fact.

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Jackg said Here's some insight into the Mormon mind. My sister-in-law once told me: "I know the Church is true, which means that whatever the prophet says in true, and that whatever I hear in Church is true."

That logic is so stupid, just because someone says something is true does not make it so, Islam claims to be true, JW's claim to have the truth, atheists claim to know the truth, If we all claim to have the truth then we need evidence and not blind faith.

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Let me say, April Fools yet again. And on a more serious note, let me say to all atheists and non-believers, Have a safe and happy holiday.

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Here are the problems with the WoW. First it was simply good advice, Now it is Doctrine. Then it states "Hot Drinks" Yet you guys define hot drinks as Coffee and tea. But Hot Chocolate is OK, Then you try to rationalize why Hot Chocolate is ok and coffee and tea are not.

Then you skip over the rest of the WoW and never mention eating meat sparingly, or in times of famine only, or using tobacco for washing your body Etc. The whole WoW is bondage and hypocritical. Lets not forget about JS and BY using alcohol and chewing Tobacco, and lets not forget how we find ways to allow them to do it but now if we do we cannot enter heaven.

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Sadly when people point out how JS prophecy's failed and did not come to pass, instead of the LDS looking into these issues and questioning what they believe, they try and say, well their are prophecy's in the Bible that never came to pass.

But here is the problem. JS put a time frame on his prophecy's and said this will happen in the next 100 years for example, or this will happen and then these things never did. So the LDS try and say they are still yet future when clearly they are not. If you look into his prophecy's they were time stamped so to speak, They had specif details as to who would do what or when it would happen, and sadly they never came to pass.

Now with the prophecy's in the Bible, Some are still yet future, but unlike JS, The prophecy's have great detail as to what will happen, but they are not "time stamped" Like, This will happen in the year....
Or this will happen in so many day or weeks.

Like for example, God told Adam and Eve, A savior would be born. Their was no time frame saying the exact time and day, Yet it came to pass. Now there was later prophecy's given to when Jesus would be born, and where He would be born, but just not to Adam and Eve. Then their was great detail as to How Jesus would Die, That His beard would be Ripped from His Face, that Soldiers would gamble for His Cloths, That His joints would be put out of place, that He would be offered Vinegar on a sponge, That His legs would not be broken and they would put a spear in His side, That He would be crucified between to thieves, and that a rich man would give up a tomb for Jesus.

You can go on, their are over 300 exact to the detail prophecy's of the Birth and death of Jesus. JS cannot make those exact detailed claims for anything he prophesied about. Yet sadly with all this exact detail the LDS will still ignore the false claims of JS and defend his false prophecy's, and do their best to try and throw the Bible under the Bus. This just shows another prophecy in the Bible coming true if you want to call it a prophecy. That is people love darkness rather than light and they want to have their itching ears tickled and they sadly will pay for all of eternity as a result of rejecting the truth.

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Verne, I am happy to see great minds think alike here, I was also going to quote this saying,
“But when you come down to specifics, we can’t think of any incidents where a prophet was wrong.

I was going to bring up the JS 9 different first vision accounts. And maybe the Blacks not holding the priesthood, or blood atonement, or a huge host of other issues that we could so easily mention.

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Violet, I like to think all my posts are the best ever, or at the very least, Helpful.

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Ralph, You are clearly showing you have a bias to lies and darkness. If all we do and can do is work with what we have for the BoA and the papyrus then it alone proves JS was a fraud. Then lets add to that the Contradictions between the BoA and the Bible, and all the contradictions between the BoA and the BoA, that book alone contradicts it's self. Then the even bigger issue, There is NO SUCH LANGUAGE AS REFORMED EGYPTIAN. Zero, Nadda, None, zip. So if Any LDS member could provide some evidence it would seriously be a first. These problems dont bother you because it is you that has the bias, not me, or F_melo.