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If there is one name that should be on there besides Lita and Trish, its Vickie Guerrero

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That would be awesome

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Among the greatest commentator teams in all of wrestling. Most fans grew up hearing those iconic voices as they watched some of the best wrestling ever produced.
However, there are all these complaints about WWE bringing back legends, and not giving spots to younger talent. I am very happy with having Graves as the lead heel commentator, and Cole is not as bad as he was in the early 2010's. I think its great to see King and JR, and it will be awesome to hear them do commentary, but I don't want them permanently, rather, its nice to give newer guys the spotlight.

The problem with today's commentary is not the commentators, it is the production. Graves is awesome, and Philips has improved.

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Having Brother Love as the top choice shows that people enjoy seeing the legends that we don't see all the time. There has been a consistent thread of seeing the nWO/Kliq guys, which is awesome, but its nice to see other guys too, like Brother Love

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Don't forget Jericho was NJPW recently, that would have been okayed by Vince. Also, as far as videos go, they are not afraid to mention other companies. Dixie was on Angle's documentary, and they have mentioned TNA in reference to AJ Styles

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They may give the PPV an extra 30-60 minutes, I'm surprised with the number of matches since there is the 2nd rumble match, but i expect the women's match will be shorter anyway.

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I really enjoyed that interview

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I don't think its the WWE's fault. He loves it and it must be real hard to let go.

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I finished watching the show this morning. Enzo comes off as insensitive to me. I'm sure Graves would be wrestling if he was allowed, but since he can't he has taken to the commentator's booth, and has done a fantastic job. It was obvious during the whole show that Graves truly isn't a fan of Enzo. Enzo's remarks towards Cass surprised me too, its too bad they lost their friendship, perhaps time can heal. Enzo seems full of himself, which can be good, but he doesn't seem to care about anyone or how anything he does may affect them.