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The only reason he would not have made it in the 80's is because the style and work-rate was different. Wrestling was a big man's sport, and that is all. His personality is as good as many of the 80's wrestlers, and he has connected with the fans that others only dreamed of. So, you are correct in that he wouldn't have made it in the 80's, but not for the reasons you think.

Also, there were guys his size that did make it, so it is possible he would have too, but much more difficult.

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Never say never. Warrior would've been in that joke 10 years ago.

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Vince has always given second chances. HHH has been awesome at bringing back guys who have burned the bridge 5 times over, but you can't discount Vince either. Vince would never have hired Warrior in 1996 or Piper in the 2000's if he wasn't a forgiving guy. He is looked at as a villian because he played one for so long.

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Of all the potential ladies they could recognize, you would pick Chyna? Why?

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That is a ridiculous cop out. Lack of resources in the "best" country in the world and you let people like this run around with guns...It doesn't take a genius to see that something needs to change, and change quickly.

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So you have a guy who obviously has some issues. Instead of dealing with the problem he is allowed to live his life any way he wants to, and does the court thing as an attempt to deal with it. Meanwhile he is still doing things that are not normal or safe. You had a killer in Florida with known psychological issues and allowed him to carry a weapon, and people are mourning over loss of life that should never have happened if Cruz had been dealt with before. I know that this and Cruz are 2 different situations, but when you read what this Montalvo guy has done, why is he not in jail? He could've legally walked in with a gun and killed someone, and it wouldn't be out of character for him, and yet nothing is done to stop this nonsense.

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This seems like a strange match-up, but that's the challenge of having a PPV's between the Royal Rumble and WrestleMania. The guy who won the Rumble gets lost in the shuffle because his match is set.

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Alberto is a great worker, and was a great talent. But he is a terrible business person, and needs to straighten himself out. His best move would be to stay with Impact and be the face of that company

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I supposes Road Dogg will induct Jarrett, if not, AJ Styles?

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It was an accident, plain and simple. The tweet is simple marketing.