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He just looks like he is angry at the world lol. No smiles.

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Bieber got more chants last night than he has gotten in the past 5 years

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I think we could all assume that someone like Booker who is always respectful and responsible was just in the heat of the moment, and using Neville nickname to further the story. I am sure that there was nothing meant by it and then upon realizing what was said and the meaning behind it for some he felt incredibly sorry about it.

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There should be a really good tribute video on RAW and Smackdown

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You should post a link if you have it

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Paul is certainly a glaring omission from the product at the moment, but the break is possibly the best thing for him. It keeps him fresh!

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Firstly, that bit is cool, and second it is Paul E, not Pauly...

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KOTR is one of the best things the WWE has ever done, and it has been a cornerstone for many careers, Austin being the prime example. It is too bad it isn't promoted better.

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As much crap Bischoff gets, I think this is a great move for Jarrett. Play on Bischoff's strengths and do not give him too much power and this could be an awesome thing for GFW.

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Having a Neville/Barrett feud promoting their desire to be the first British champion is a dream feud. I love the idea!