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Actually, that conservation should never have hit the airways. If for no other reason than to protect the children. Seems she might have recorded it and dispersed it to the news media. Wonder if Mel was informed he was being recorded?

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Let the states handle their financial problems. The idea of bailing out such states as CA, Illinois, and NY is absurd. Let the states cut their own budgets to balance the books. They just might begin to realize just how much illegals cost them.

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I see this as a way to buy votes for BO's cronies in November. Dims are running scared. Seems that many Americans are fed up with the crap coming from the current administration. Remember BO has a propensity for talking the talk but ignoring the walk.

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If Michael Arcuri were real, he would be distancing himself from the socialist movement within the house and senate.

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I don't trust Blarney Franks.

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Isn't that typical of Glib Gibbs when confronted by any question that any four year old could answer? He can be forgiven though. He's the product of our current educational system where students are dumbed down enough to qualify as a useful idiot.

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Or could it be that Levi Johnston has spent all his money, has no job, and just wants to crawl back into bed with a girl, turned woman, who just might make it in this big, bad world. He sure hasn't.

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Glib Gibbs is one of BO's useful idiots. If he can't answer(does he ever?), he will assault, divert, and deflect comments. The fact that these alleged news briefings are still held is nothing more than a photo-op for Gibby.j

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Maybe the news media should boycott the witless house............Nope..............They deserve to slobber, crawl, and grovel. Their blatant refusal to out BO for what he truly was in 2008 is just punishment. Will they learn?.........Nope........Useful idiots do not have the mental capacity to think for themselves.

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Camparing Baghdad Bob to Roberta Gibbs is an insult to Bagdad Bob. Gibbs doesn't have 1/10th the class of old BB.