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1623 NEW JOBS just opened in TACOMA!...Union Teachers Good Luck selling your house in Tacoma, oh wait you don't live where you teach..unlike the students parents.

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WHAT a #$%^ing JOKE! To qoute one teacher they showed on FOX13 "(smiling) Now I get to learn what it means to strike". Washington State has 9.3% unemployment. Whinny teachers striking over 1% pay.. Hey teachers "how much %'d does your Union suck up?



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OMG! How much longer is she going to keep bringing out her token Tracy Morgan puppet??? Patty least with you being locked away in Washington D.C. the streets of Belltown will be safer..Safer for those drunk Sailors with a need for Tennis shoe rubbing.. Good luck on being all that you are not Senorita Patty.. Your effective ness ended with Scarlet letter "D" Pelosi posting her resume on Careerbuilder... See ya in 2012

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HER Defense Lawyer is going to say that Bam Margera told his client to hit him...if she was such a fan of his JACKASS Movies.. Hey Liz.. just say he was drunk and he hit himself...

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Well POST their 21 names in the Crime Blotter... Be interesting if ALL 21 are from the Seattle area .. OR were brought in by shill Union Orginizations..

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Well Well Well... Good thing Washington State wants to give convicted felons the "right" to vote back.. Oh the Patty "Irony" Murray... C.A. Wilson will still be able to vote in November.. Thanks for job security Pat; Can we re-name the Wa prisons "Patty Murray Fan Club"? And as always , please remember the Obama Bus stops at all railroad crossings.

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PART 2....

EL Prez "G's" TO DO LIST...
(1) Blame Global Warming for the Legislature's problems...everthing is easier when there was a flood last year.
(2) Announce that because of the new Health Care (insurance, actually) Reform (-cough) Law, (HCR) the Legislature can trim 20% from it's budget and everyone is happy.
(3) Call the TV News networks for Olympia Easter Egg Hunt.
(4) Announce to the same TV networks weeks later that the HCR Law has bankrupt Washington State,
and ask for the children to return their Easter baskets.
(5) Make a political re-election commercial (filmed by a Canadian director) that she is switching parties and is now a Republican.
(6) Write Letter to the Seattle Times that she was abducted by aliens, and was taken up in a bigship, shown the future ( Sounders FC wins World Cup).
(7) Wake up on a Monday morning and realize she has been dreaming all along, get dressed and go to her job at "Nautte Latte"...hope your tips are good..Cuz now you are in the Real World " G!"

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Boooo F'ng Hoooo for EL PRESIDENTE GREGROIRE... Hmmmm 20% Pay cut ALL ACROSS the board..seems to me that 80% of a paycheck is BETER than >>>>NO PAYCHECK! <<<

EL Presidente "G" , quit p*ssn'g into the wind, and BE the GOVENOR for once in your sad political life.
MAKE the hard decisons..OR are you so pathetically worried about RE-ELECTION you want to say, "IT WAS the Legislature that caused this??".

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Continued... Better yet, follow the money..someone had to pay for the hospital (?), even back in 1961. There would be a money trail for pre-natal care. The true "magic" happened on the hospital side. Why else would Little B.O. be whisked away outside the US, to live abroad with his mother. Since his mother and himself were an embarassment to his grandmother. The secret might have died with B.O's grandmother, the stress of her secret might have been to much for her to bear, since no one in 1961 would think that a mixed-race child would grow up to be a viable candidate for the presidency of the United States. Forget asking for the birth certificate..the real evidence is in the money, and the hospital records..

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Let's take a step back and look past the birth certificate. The real "magic" of how he is faking his citizenship is in the "how", not the "what". The certificate is real..because Obama's grandmother ( a prominent Honolulu bank president) called in some favors. Remember this is "was" 1961, she ( Grandma), had a mixed race grand baby, that just showed up in Hawaii. Like any good grandma ( and banking president) she went into damage control. She had some favors called in, an "poof" he is born in Hawaii. Has anyone ever seen any baby pictures? How hard is it to find a picture of Little B.O. in his mother's arms in a hospital bed?, wht NONE of Ann's friends in Seattle took any pictures of the "cute little baby" when she first visited with the new born little B.O. .