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Surely there is another venue to explore and that is to Exit the EU immediately. October 31 is an end date by when there is either a new deal in place or no deal. As the EU have said they will not renegotiate the Withdrawal Agreement we must surely take them at their word and as Parliamant won't ratify it all the Government can do is to exit now.

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What is it about the fanatic remoaner MPs that pretend they're saving Parliamentary Democracy? They are not. They delegated the choice of whether we leave or stay in the EU to the voters. The majority of us voted leave so that is what all MPs should be implementing. By not doing so these fanatics are undemocratic and not only that but complicit in making this country an EU colony and its Parliament nothing but a talking house since as we all know the EU is morphing into a kind of communist state where any legislation passed in our Parliament will be for nothing unless the EU Commission approves it. The fanatics must be deselected as a matter of urgency.

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Well said and Boris is the man to do it. What Boris said about Darroch was right but what May and Hunt said was wrong. Wrong because Darroch clearly had to go as his ability to represent us with the US administration has been reduced to zero and for our benefit we need to keep our contacts with the US as smooth as possible. May handled Trump badly from the word go and in part because of the advice she will have received from Darroch. He failed to recognise the good things about Trump and how we might capitalise on that. Obama and Clinton caved in to Putin and the Iranians and the world is in a more dangerous place as a result. Clinton would have made an appalling President.

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I would imagine that all those entitled to vote for the next leader of the Tory Party know who they're going to vote for as there is surely not much more if anything we can learn from the hustings about the contenders. I would cut the hustings out altogether and get on with the vote so that the new leader can take over a month earlier than under the present plan. The new leader will need as much time as he can get to bed in and prepare for Brexit and all those other issues that need attention.

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Just watched the Leaders' Debate on the BBC. What a shambles with too much time given to the bizarre looking oddball nonentity with weird ideas, Rod Stewart. Boris did not do brilliantly although he will not have done himself much harm. He could have been more robust in his answers about the Burka and taxation. Why were all the candidates outdoing each other on climate change escapes me. Someone with some scepticism on the subject needs to come forward with a more realistic view. It is appalling how our young are all being brainwashed on the subject which contrary to the mantra has not been scientifically proved as being man made rather than a natural phenomenon. Actually none of the other candidates did particularly well nor did they do themselves much harm, with the exception of Stewart. Emily Maitlis was pretty useless as interrogator or whatever her role is called and of course the BBC had more remainers asking questions.

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It is difficult to understand Stewart's attraction. He is all generality and no substance save where he makes statements about setting up an alternative if Boris prorogues Parliament - something last done in 1948 by Attlee. He is so keen to remain in the EU that he is prepared to upset the democratic vote of the majority. Even he must be able to see that not only would it be anti-democratic to do so but more than somewhat extreme. Save us from these self righteous arrogant and fanatic remainers.

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Stewart has a problem poor chap. He comes across as a little bit short of a shilling.

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To me he comes across as an arrogant know all who if one fell into conversation with him would automatically rub one up the wrong way. As far as I can see he is no star but a self publicist that is too clever by half and boring to boot. Save us please from the self righteous and those who would do us good.

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If Boris comes top in the Parliamentary poll and wins the subsequent poll of the membership then at least some of those Tory MPs who have done everything to stop Brexit will be put in an even more difficult position than they are in already. I see more and more constituency associations passing votes of no confidence in such MPs unless they bite the democratic bullet and agree to vote for leaving on WTO terms rather than continuing with their fanatical anti democratic refusal to accept the referendum result. I also see Corbyn finally giving in to a second referendum because he basically has no other place to go the nearer we get to October 31 since the EU will refuse to budge one inch. This will then give those democratic Labour MPs who know that the 2016 referendum result should be implemented the impetus to vote for leaving on WTO terms. Thus we will leave on WTO terms on 31st October.

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Great video. One definitely has the feeling that Boris is on the move as he hit all the right notes for those of us who voted leave.