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I wish I didn't care so much about this club. When they fail to perform, I am so despondent and sad. I screamed when NE tied and scared my neighbor with my foul language. The club can blame air travel and fatigue all they want but these are supposed to be "professional athletes." They just p*ss me off!

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I had pity for the victims but that ended today. I guess Fairfax and the school district should invest in a crystal ball. I know the Staudachers and I am terribly disappointed by their decision. Money won't change a thing. Shame on you!

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How does government deal with a decrease in ridership and an increase in union worker costs? It RAISES prices. Can you imagine if Starbucks were facing the same challenge? What do you think they would do? Right. Just the opposite. Oh, what a joy to allow government to run our lives (and our never-make-a-profit transportation programs)!

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The Taliban are eating this up. "Weak, pitiful Americans!"

Sheesh! Where is the President's outrage on a $5 trillion dollar deficit he's manufactured in just THREE YEARS! Now THERE is outrage!

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Once again you CLAIM to be a Catholic yet you continue to conveniently choose from the ala carte menu of faith according to what you "feel"!

The Catechism of the Catholic Church Paragraph 2246 states, "It is part of the Church's mission to pass moral judgment even in matters related to politics, whenever the fundamental rights of man [in this case, the definition of marriage being one solely of man and woman] or the salvation of souls requires it."

Please, Ken! Leave the Catholic Church. Join some "feel-good, live-your-own-kind-of-life, keep-up-with-the-times, it's-just-between-me-and-Jesus" faith community. Your constant attack on the laws and Catechism of the Church make you a toxic and bitter man. Not a Roman Catholic!

Rich Smith

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An extremely disappointing match! DC United were clearly beatable and yet we couldn't find a way to put the ball into the net. The Sounders' substandard play ruined my whole weekend!

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Both Ken Schram and Christine Gregoire 'claim' to be Catholic. Yet, they conveniently choose their own 'ala carte' catecism. They can't have it both ways. I wish they would stop being hypocrites and find another church.

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Amazing! For ONCE I agree with Ken. However, I regret he's taken this position only because this hits him personally - he's a SMOKER.

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Yeah. That's the ONLY example you can manufacture, pal. The ONLY example. . .