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That happens a lot where I live. The neighbor across the street is one number off of my address, with the result that we routinely get one another's mail. Never mind that our names are about as much alike as Jones and Mondegreen. I don't think the mailmen pay attention to that.

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According to Wiktionary, "moist" exists in two languages, English and Livonian, Livonia being a small region on the eastern shores of the Baltic Sea, where Latvia is now. In Livonian,"moist" means "understand" and is related to the Estonian mõistma (“understand”) and the Finnish muistaa (“remember”).

And that really fits Moist. He seems to understand human nature EXTREMELY well. If Livonian can be folded into Uberwaldean (for there's no doubt that "Von Lipwig" sounds like an Uberwaldean name), then perhaps Moist is just someone whose name is fine in one language but not in another.

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It's Carl.

I kind of love that the entire world has just been saved by four cats and a dinosaur (who temporarily became some of the Powers).

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If the rules don’t work, change the rules. It’s such an obvious conclusion in hindsight, but HOLY SHIT. Holy shit, GODS??? The Powers? IS THIS REALLY HAPPENING?

Change has always been a motif in these books. From High Wizardry:

Those who refuse to serve the Powers,
Become the tools of the Powers.
Those who agree to serve the Powers,
Themselves become the Powers.

And from So You Want To Be A Wizard:

“Believe something and the Universe is on its way to being changed. Because you've changed, by believing. Once you've changed, other things start to follow. Isn't that the way it works?”

I love how Duane's continuity fits together so neatly.

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Sebastian Bustle did not have that same affect, and that’s in part because of his personality.

I think you mean Sensibility Bustle, Mark. Also, he wasn't the only human that the hiver took over. Remember the desert queen who killed twelve of her husbands with scorpion sandwiches?

I did want to state that I’m hoping we do get to see more of the Trials because I still want to know what they’re like.

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Who's Silver Ravenwolf?

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The bees crawling in and out of Granny's mouth was a huge NOPE NOPE NOPE moment for me.

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To expand on the "Mrs. Earwig (pronounced Ah-Wij)" annotation:

Ideally, Mark should read Mrs. Earwig's name as "Earwig" all the time, even when she's insisting that the name is pronounced "Ah-wij." Because that's the joke. That's how it works on the Britcom, because--to quote Hyacinth Bucket's husband Richard-- "It was always pronounced 'Bucket' until I married her."

By having Mrs. Earwig insist that her name is pronounced Ah-Wij, not like the insect, Pratchett is telling us that she, like Hyacinth Bucket, is a pretentious, social climbing snob who cares more about appearances than she does about reality. And that's a bad point of view in a witch. Remember Granny's sister Lilith from Witches Abroad? She was another one who cared more about things looking right and fitting her personal worldview than she did about reality. Though Mrs. Earwig hasn't taken over any city-states as Lilith did, she's still doing damage, because Anagramma is imitating her and hurting other girls. Which is what provoked Hiver!Tiffany.

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She has ALL of the garden gnomes. The book says:

"Even some of the garden ornaments had been smashed, although the madly grinning gnomes had unfortunately escaped destruction."

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Yeah, I remember he said he was going to read the whole thing aloud at a convention. And that was a while ago.