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You know... I'm so incredibly grateful for the Toast.

But look at what happens when it leaves us. Donald Trump gets elected President. Coincidence? I think not.

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I didn't have the courage to read this until now.

I must go and live my best life now, worthy of a former (tears up) Toastie...

*rides off into sunset*

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What? What's happening? Whaaaaaat?

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I just want to post the literary equivalent of a kitten gif: a reminder that Elementary's Sherlock called Ayn Rand "the philosopher-in-chief of the intellectually bankrupt."

Dunno if this gif will work but worth your time I promise: https://media.giphy.com/media/FG3bY07ppQZeo/giphy...

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I read "Nettle-Flax" as Netflix, which made the whole magical shirt thing a tad more magical.

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My eyes are stinging. Thinking of my grandmothers and great-grandmothers and how very different their worlds were from mine (one of them died at 34 from heart failure after bearing six children to an abusive drunk man, disgraced because "out of wedlock"). I know much more of the history of my maternal grandmother and great-grandmother, confusing mixtures of spirit and conformity, of sadness and rebellion.

It makes me happy to hear of Julia's very loud voice.

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"Babies just don’t magically materialize for white, privileged, Christians to adopt; they mostly come from families who are socio-economically oppressed by governments and societies."

THIS. THANK YOU. I want to de-colonize my thinking but for some reason adoption has been a blindspot (perhaps as I do not know any adoptees or adopting people very well or because the white savior discourses have won again in my case). Thanks for your words!!

This article is just so genuinely beautiful and powerful and calm. Your description of immanent ecstasy and memory and pulsating life is exactly what I love about the groundedness of atheism :)

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With Mallory's unflagging research into Bronte novels' food-yearnings, I'm beginning to suspect that the Bronte sisters suffered from malnourishment and/or eating disorders.

Maybe that's the real roots of the Romantic movement - sublime fixation on unfoodliness.

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I thought this was going to be about Pythagoras and his NO BEANS policy.

Because, ya know, farts.*

*One theory why beans = evil in Pythagorean esotericism.